Worst Line Offenders Offered Support from Qless

QLess, the global leader in mobile technology that eliminates physical lines and waiting rooms, today announced that it is taking action to support businesses that have been criticized for long customer lines and lengthy wait times. For companies that expose consumers to inconvenient wait experiences and that are ready to make the switch to mobile queuing by Black Friday, QLess is offering a free trial of its line-eliminating mobile wait management technology, a solution proven to enhance business operations and customer service.

According to recent findings from a ClickSoftware study, customer service wait times could be costing Americans more than $100 billion a year. Among the worst line offenders are amusement parks, government offices—including DMVs and voting offices—retail stores, airports, restaurants and emergency rooms. The average wait time in national emergency rooms has been reported as high as four hours and seven minutes; and during peak crowd levels at amusement parks, lines average upwards of 90 minutes at each ride.

“The average person spends two years of his or her life waiting in line, which is unacceptable by any measure,” said Alex Bäcker, founder and CEO of QLess. “Giving consumers hours of lost time back awards businesses a clear competitive advantage. Lines are archaic, and the simple implementation of a virtual waiting solution can enhance customer satisfaction, reduce walk-outs, increase throughput, build loyalty and increase profitability.”

QLess has liberated well over 20 million people from waiting in line. Its patented, cloud-based virtual line technology helps organizations dramatically improve customer experiences by replacing physical lines with a user-friendly mobile queue system. Using QLess, customers add their name to a virtual queue—from any phone, the Web, an in-store kiosk, a tablet and more—and continue about their day until notified that their turn in line is approaching. One hundred percent of customers who go into a QLess location are able to avoid waiting in line by joining the virtual queue.

“If you are a business that has unhappy customers because of long lines, QLess is here to make customers happier while reducing the number who leave during the wait,” added Bäcker.

To get a free trial and learn how your business can benefit from line-eliminating, mobile wait technology, call 1-855-GO-QLESS or send inquiry to pr@qless.com.

About QLess

QLess is the global leader in mobile wait management. The company helps organizations dramatically improve customer experiences by eliminating lines and offering convenient ways to make and manage appointments. QLess’ patented, cloud-based virtual line technology helps make businesses more profitable and efficient by improving productivity and aligning resources with customer traffic patterns. QLess clients span five continents and include government offices/DMVs, universities, urgent care centers, and local and multinational retailers. Organizations of all sizes offer QLess to customers through in-store kiosks, mobile phones, tablets, or websites. For more information, please visit http://www.qless.com.

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