Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) Seeks Industry Updates on 2013 WEDI Report Initiatives

The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), the nation’s leading nonprofit authority on the use of health IT to create efficiencies in healthcare information exchange, invites the industry to report on initiatives and programs that advance any of the 2013 WEDI Report recommendations. WEDI will track and monitor industry activities and progress for individual recommendations and report back on innovations developed for each.

All industry stakeholders are encouraged to submit information on initiatives and programs they are working or hosting if they pertain to any of the 2013 WEDI Report focus areas. To participate in reporting, please visit and complete the brief survey.

The 2013 WEDI Report, released Dec. 5, 2013, identifies four critical areas of focus in which WEDI seeks to monitor:

  1. Patient Engagement – Consumer (patient) engagement through improved access to pertinent healthcare information
  2. Payment Models – Business, information and data exchange requirements that will help enable payment models as they emerge
  3. Data Harmonization and Exchange – Alignment of administrative and clinical information capture, linkage and exchange
  4. Innovative Encounter Models – Business and use cases for innovative encounter models that use existing and emergent technologies

“As the 20th anniversary update to the original 1993 WEDI Report, our 2013 WEDI Report has been at the forefront of many discussions of reshaping the healthcare environment for the years to come. We envision a healthcare arena that harbors greater efficiency, an unwavering trust among stakeholders, affordable and effective care for patients, and one that eliminates costly barriers to productive innovation,” said WEDI President and CEO Devin Jopp, Ed.D. “No small feat for sure, but as WEDI seeks to help guide the industry, it takes all parties to make this vision a reality. This reporting initiative will allow us to effectively monitor the industry’s movements toward these goals.”

About WEDI

The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) is the leading authority on the use of health IT to improve healthcare information exchange in order to enhance the quality of care, improve efficiency, and reduce costs of our nation’s healthcare system. WEDI was formed in 1991 by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) and was designated in the 1996 HIPAA legislation as an advisor to HHS. WEDI’s membership includes a broad coalition of organizations, including: hospitals, providers, health plans, vendors, government agencies, consumers, not-for-profit organizations, and standards development organizations. To learn more, visit and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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