VitalHealth Software Announces Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification by Drummond Group

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– VitalHealth Software, a global provider of next-generation health management technology, today announced that its partner VisionWeb successfully achieved Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification status for Uprise, its cloud-based EHR, which is powered by the VitalHealth EHR platform. Uprise has received Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification as a Complete EHR for the ambulatory setting by Drummond Group, an Office of the National Coordinator Authorized Certification Body (ONC-ACB). The designation of “complete EHR certification” is only awarded to systems that meet the requirements for a minimum number of modules to receive full certification. Uprise met all of those requirements, as well as additional elective modules, for a total of 42 modules tested. To view a copy of the Uprise version 1.1 compliance certificate visit

“We are delighted that we were selected by our partner VisionWeb to deliver the EHR modules of the Uprise platform that has achieved Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification status,” says Blair Butterfield, President ofVitalHealth Software. “The combination of VitalHealth’s next-generation EHR platform and VisionWeb’s deep expertise in delivering cloud-based IT solutions to the eye care industry is a unique and potent combination. The VitalHealth EHR platform, designed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, served as the ideal foundation upon which to build advanced clinical content and elegant, efficient workflows for eye care practices.” Butterfield added, “Today’s achievement supports our contention that the VitalHealth EHR platform is the fastest and most flexible environment in which to build MU-certified EHRs for specialties that are not well served by existing solutions. We look forward to delivering similar solutions for other specialties in the coming months.”

Healthcare providers using certified EHR systems can qualify for federal stimulus monies upon demonstrating meaningful use of the technology – a key component of the federal government’s push to improve clinical care delivery through the adoption and effective use of EHRs. As a complete Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified solution, Uprise will give eye care providers the ability to attest for both stage 1 (2011 Edition) and stage 2 (2014 Edition).

“The 2014 Edition certification requirements are stringent and we knew that receiving complete certification would be a rigorous process. In a team effort with our partner VitalHealth Software, we made it a priority to do so as quickly as possible,” said Ken Engelhart, President and CEO of VisionWeb. “This certification allows us to support users that are ready for Stage 2 attestation, as well as those that have yet to begin the attestation process. We are thrilled to be among the first in our industry to achieve this goal, with complete certification no less. We are especially proud to offer the first truly cloud-based option with the designation.”

Certification for Uprise version 1.1 was received on October 3, 2013 and the certification number is 10032013-2243-8, making Uprise the first truly cloud-based practice management and EHR solution in the eye care industry to achieve complete Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification. The certification is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments. Drummond Group is accredited by ANSI and approved by ONC for the ONC HIT Certification Program to certify: Complete EHR, EHR Module (all), and Certification of other types of HIT for which the Secretary has adopted certification criteria under Subpart C of 45 CFR.

VisionWeb (Uprise version 1.1). 10/03,2013. Certification ID # 10032013-2243-8. Criteria Certified:170.314(a)(1-15); 170.314(b)(1-5, 7); 170.314(c)(1-3); 170.314(d)(1-8); 170.314(e)(1-3); 170.314(f)(1-3); 170.314(g)(2, 3, 4). Clinical Quality Measures tested: CMS050v2; CMS068v3; CMS069v2; CMS122v2; CMS131v2; CMS138v2; CMS155v2; CMS165v2; CMS167v2. Additional software used:NewCropRx, Eyemaginations, Secure Exchange Solutions.

Uprise 1.1 does not require any additional one-time or on-going costs in order to attempt to meet meaningful use objectives and measures. For additional information about Uprise, visit

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VitalHealth Software delivers advanced cloud-based solutions for collaborative health management. The model-driven VitalHealth EHR platform is used by a growing network of partners. VitalHealth Software has offices in the U.S., Netherlands and India. For more information, please visit

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