Virtual Health Unveils Empowered Care Platform

Virtual Health, the pioneering provider of next generation health care technology, today unveiled Virtual Health 2.0, the most advanced enterprise platform for population health management and care coordination. The next generation solution introduces the concept of empowered care, making it possible for cross-functional teams to collaborate in real-time using the broadest sets of multi-source data and multi-dimensional analytics. The company also announced the appointment of Don Yish as executive vice president of sales. With more than 25 years of sales and business development experience in health care, Yish will oversee the company’s global sales and strategic business efforts.

Virtual Health 2.0 addresses the trillion dollar shift, under the Affordable Care Act, from fee-based to performance and capitation-based revenue models and the corresponding consolidation across traditional health care silos. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Virtual Health 2.0 is a cloud-based solution that integrates across domains and existing systems to provide advanced care analysis and real-time collaboration tools for interdisciplinary care teams. It is the first platform to offer a single ecosystem for data aggregation, real-time analysis, risk stratification, predictive analytics, multi-dimensional communications, on demand services, telehealth, and care team collaboration across the full provider, patient and payer continuum. In keeping with the company’s pattern of innovation, version 2.0 provides a completely redesigned look and feel, a power-charged analytics engine, a behavioral health module, intelligent forms, advanced graphing and trending, and ICD10 support, among other features.

“This technology will redefine health care as we know it. We are offering a scalable alternative to stacking expensive and incompatible legacy systems and making a 360 degree view of the patient finally possible,” said Adam Sabloff, CEO of Virtual Health. “We are excited to have Don as part of this process because he has the expertise, relationships, and industry insight to rapidly bring this solution to organizations that can benefit most.”

Don Yish joins Virtual Health after holding senior-level sales positions with leading health care companies, including Examination Management Services (EMSI), Outcomes Health Information Solutions and Univita Health. He brings a wealth of knowledge about compliance-based programs, disease management, wellness, care management, health care IT systems integration, and electronic health records to the position.

“In my mind, Virtual Health has established itself as the most functionally advanced technology in the post-Affordable Care Act world,” said Yish. “Version 2.0 represents the greatest paradigm shift I have seen in health care since the invention of electronic health records. I am thrilled to join such a stellar team and to have the opportunity to contribute to the company’s growth.”

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