Texas Hospital Association Endorses LeadingReach

The Texas Hospital Association announced today an exclusive endorsement agreement with LeadingReach, a referral management and patient engagement platform for the entire healthcare ecosystem. The partnership will enable Texas Hospital Association (THA) member hospitals and health systems to use LeadingReach’s enhanced referral management capabilities, helping providers refer in real-time, collaborate on patient care and seamlessly share information. THA members will also be able to leverage LeadingReach’s advanced patient engagement capabilities proven to dramatically improve a patient’s adherence to treatment plans and health literacy.

LeadingReach was chosen after successfully passing THA’s rigorous selection and enhancing-value-process evaluations. “The philosophy and tools LeadingReach will offer our health care providers will make a difference for each of them from day one and that excites us,” said John Checkley, chief executive officer of HealthSHARE, a THA partner subsidiary.

“This is an excellent opportunity for THA to help its members realize substantial cost and efficiency savings at a time when making health care more affordable is a priority for every Texas hospital,” said Clint Smith, VP of Business Development & Sales, LeadingReach. “We are excited that THA has selected LeadingReach as its exclusive referral management and patient engagement vendor, and look forward to demonstrating our value to hospitals across the state of Texas.”

About LeadingReach, Inc.

LeadingReach is a Referral Management and Patient Engagement Platform for the entire healthcare ecosystem. The LeadingReach mission is to improve the patient experience, drive outcomes and increase satisfaction – for patients and providers. From initial referral, through pre-appointment, treatment and diagnosis, to collecting valuable patient feedback, LeadingReach uses a powerful Four Core Metric approach to increase patient acquisition and ensure a better experience during the healthcare process.

LeadingReach defines and scores the Four Core Metrics of the patient lifecycle as:

•             Referral Management – Accountable Transition of Care

•             Pre Appointment – A Better First Impression

•             Patient Education – Improved Health Literacy

•             Satisfaction and Social Media – Maximize Patient Loyalty

Privately held and based in Austin, TX, LeadingReach was created in 2013. Its data-driven, HIPAA-compliant platform has processed over

100,000 transactions for hundreds of dentists, doctors, hospitals and surgery centers throughout central Texas. For more information, visit www.leadingreach.com or follow LeadingReach on Twitter @leadingreach.

About Texas Hospital Association

Founded in 1930, the Texas Hospital Association is the leadership organization and principal advocate for the state’s hospitals and health care systems. Based in Austin, THA enhances its members’abilities to improve accessibility, quality and cost-effectiveness of health care for all Texans. One of the largest hospital associations in the country, THA represents more than 85 percent of the state’s acute-care hospitals and health care systems, which employ some 369,000 health care professionals statewide. Learn more about THA at www.tha.org or follow THA on Twitter @texashospitals.


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