Symphony Performance Health Announces Partnership With Iron Bridge Integration

Symphony Performance Health (SPH), a leader in action analytics for healthcare providers and networks, announced today that they have selected Iron Bridge Integration, Inc. (IBI) and its Nuvola Hub to provide efficient healthcare data exchange for SPH’s Orchestrate population health software.

The incorporation of the Nuvola Hub into SPH operations will streamline the interface with provider data, increasing the efficiency of SPH client implementation.  Faster access to data will allow for near real-time data integration into SPH’s population health analytics.

“The partnership with Iron Bridge facilitates seamless integration of most, if not all, web-based practice management systems and electronic medical records into our action analytics.   This translates into added value for our customers, by streamlining the implementation process for payers and providers,” said Al Vega, CEO of Symphony Performance Health.

Symphony Performance Health software solutions allow healthcare providers to analyze an extensive number of records with an easy-to-use interface that provides visual analysis of data. Iron Bridge’s Nuvola Hub Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service (HiPaas) will enable SPH to harness the speed and power of the cloud to easily exchange health data available to providers through electronic medical records (EMRs).

“We are excited to join with Symphony Performance Health as they as they look to increase their EMR data exchange and acquisition efforts.  We understand the data exchange challenges facing SPH and look forward to providing an easy and reliable platform that can help differentiate our clients from their competitors, “said IBI CEO F. Bradley Meyers

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About Iron Bridge Integration

Iron Bridge Integration (IBI) is a cloud-based healthcare interoperability platform as a service company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. IBI’s cloud-based solutions simplify the complex exchange of data between EHR software providers and a variety of entities including public health agencies, healthcare payers and providers. For more information please visit


About Symphony Performance Health

Symphony Performance Health (SPH) is a leader in action analytics for provider, payer, and health networks through powerful data, applications, analytics, and consulting. SPH solutions enable clients to enhance the patient care experience, improve population health, reduce the overall cost of care, and elevate provider performance. SPH solutions also incorporate an engaging user experience optimized for mobility, as well as social-media style collaboration and communication, to measure data, create easy-to-understand analytics, and empower action.

Founded through the merger of Voyance Health, MDdatacor, and Archimedes Clinical Analytics, Symphony Performance Health is based in Alpharetta, GA, with offices in Branford, CT, San Francisco, CA, and Nashville,TN. Symphony Performance Health is a member of the $2.5B Symphony Technology Group (STG;  For more information, call 1-866-460-5681 or visit

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