Sullivan Institute for Healthcare Innovation Announces Guiding Principles for Patient-centered Care

The  Louis W. Sullivan Institute for Healthcare Innovation, which is dedicated to distribute health information technology innovation to transform quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery worldwide announced the development of six key guiding principles of patient-centered care in which patients expect when receiving healthcare. These are an expansion of the Institute of Medicine’s definition for patient-centered care: “providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.”

The full document of guiding principles is available online, which details the six main principles:

  1. Clearly Defined Roles
  2. Assessment of Patient and Clinical Care Team Competencies
  3. Patient-Centered Decision-Making
  4. Information Access and Exchange
  5. Information Accuracy
  6. Privacy and Security

“I am incredibly proud of the work our Patient Experience Council is doing to make strides in reshaping the way we look at healthcare from the patient’s perspective and experience of their own care,” said Kym Martin, MBA, CNC, CFT, Co-Chair of The Sullivan Institute’s Patient Experience Council. “As healthcare stakeholders explore strategies to deliver more patient-centric care, products and services, we see these Guiding Principles serving as the next step to ensuring that the patient engagement strategies being considered result in patient-experience centered outcomes.”

The Patient Experience Council represents a collective body of ePatients and eAdvocates committed to transforming healthcare from the patient perspective. They are charged with the implementation of the Patient Engagement recommendations set forth in the 2013 WEDI Report, a roadmap for the future of healthcare information exchange that was launched December of 2013.

“The 2013 WEDI Report envisioned the future of healthcare information exchange with the patient in the middle. I believe that the principles being released today by our Patient Experience Council will help provide a framework for how organizations should orient their efforts in order to prepare for the future landscape of healthcare,” said Devin Jopp, Ed.D, President and CEO, WEDI.

About the Sullivan Institute

The Louis W. Sullivan Institute for Healthcare Innovation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, named in honor of The Honorable Louis W. Sullivan, M.D.  Its mission is to bring healthcare leaders together to share knowledge needed to transform the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery through education, cooperation, communication and innovation. To learn more, visit

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