SHYFT Analytics Announces Availability of its Real World Evidence (RWE) Analytics

SHYFT Analytics, a leader in cloud-based data and guided analytics solutions for the global life sciences industry, today announced formal availability of its next generation Real World Evidence (RWE) Analytics Solution to support the industry’s increasing need for real-world and outcomes-based insights. Cloud-enabled and mobile-ready, this solution translates RWE data into patient-centric intelligence and analytics for use across the enterprise to improve the volume and value of research activities shorten cycle times across all lifecycle phases and strengthen analytical competence to drive rapid change and market differentiation.

“As healthcare enters the era of patient-centric, evidence-based decision-making, organizations need to rethink the silos that permeate their businesses and discover ways to manage real world data across the enterprise so that it can inform both clinical and commercial strategies simultaneously,” said Zackary King, co-founder and CEO, SHYFT Analytics. “Delivering against this need for patient-centric and evidence-based decision-making is the essence of our RWE solution.

SHYFT’s RWE insights analyze and swiftly inform on treatment preferences across the health and managed care settings, physician and patient dynamics, behavioral influence and utilization patterns.

SHYFT’s RWE solution allows key healthcare stakeholders to utilize patient-level clinical and financial information to gain insights about patient segments. Integrating and utilizing tens of thousands of patient-level data electronic medical records (EMR) and claims, enables customers to gain insights about safety, efficacy and cost benefits of a pharmaceutical product throughout its lifecycle.  The solution also delivers:

The company also knew they needed an experienced partner to integrate RWE data effectively with the rest of their data and distribute it across the organization. They needed to accelerate the adoption of RWE data to fuel their patient centered clinical and commercial activity.  Overburdened internal resources could not take this task on and deliver in a timely manner, nor did they have the expertise to provide automated actionable insights for use across the clinical-commercial continuum – this was new territory. They knew they needed to act fast; they did not have years to wait for a solution.

The integration of RWE data and the resulting actionable analytics broadened the adoption of RWE across the clinical-commercial continuum. The speed and access to patient-centric analytics and insights was vastly improved allowing the customer to more effectively react to market dynamics. The customer maximized the return on their $20 Million annual data investment and gained a competitive advantage as the first mover with RWE data.

About SHYFT Analytics
SHYFT Analytics is the leader in cloud-based data and guided analytics solutions for global life sciences. The company delivers smarter, timelier access to novel insights that provide new ways to look at the healthcare business to increase competitiveness, enhance customer engagement and grow revenue. Purpose-built for the life sciences industry, Shyft’s Enterprise Cloud Analytics Platform is the fastest way to transform healthcare data into actionable insights and achieve significant scale and agility. More information can be found at

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