RoundingWell Partners with Vanderbilt University School of Nursing and Belmont University College of Pharmacy

Today RoundingWell, a cloud-based patient engagement and care management platform, announced partnerships with Vanderbilt University School of Nursing and Belmont University College of Pharmacy. Working together, the teams are collaborating to develop disease and condition-specific care plans that proactively engage patients in the times between visits and after hospitalizations.

At the heart of the platform is the RoundingWell Engagement Library, a database of more than 5,000 discrete patient engagement content items spanning three broad categories – disease management, physical wellness and emotional health.

Key to this unique approach to patient engagement is ensuring the quality of patient-facing content is world-class. To that end, RoundingWell’s relationship with Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, a partnership that has been in place for the past three years, has been essential. Vanderbilt’s clinical experts have been deeply involved in developing and validating the content in the RoundingWell Engagement Library.

“Collaborating with innovative partners has always been a priority of Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. We have been working with the team at RoundingWell on the design and implementation of a technology platform that has the potential to deliver not only meaningful outcomes for patients, but also care coordination capabilities for clinician teams that have not been available before,” said Bonnie Pilon, senior associate dean of Vanderbilt University School of Nursing.

RoundingWell is also partnering with Belmont University’s College of Pharmacy to focus special attention on deepening RoundingWell’s medication and pharmacy-related engagement offerings. Dean Philip Johnston sees the partnership as another forum to create practical ways to use technology to improve health.

“Technology and healthcare are more connected than ever, and we continue to find practical and significant ways to use technology to improve our health. It is obvious that technology has tremendous potential as a tool to enhance patient behavior, patient adherence, and therefore patient outcomes. Working with RoundingWell is a significant advantage for us, as it allows our students to apply classroom concepts in the real world.”

Healthcare entities such as hospitals, ACOs, home health agencies, renal care providers, and population health managers recognize the importance of effective patient engagement as they transition to a value-based, fee-for-outcomes world. RoundingWell’s approach to patient engagement is unique in its ability to scale across large populations while delivering an evidence-based, clinically validated experience tailored to each individual patient.

“Patient engagement that works on a large scale must not only earn the trust of customers and providers, but also of the patients they serve,” explained John Smithwick, CEO of RoundingWell. “Our collaboration with these universities is deep, with members of both organizations on site at RoundingWell on a weekly basis. Partnerships with reputable institutions like Vanderbilt and Belmont play an important role in helping us deliver the full benefits of patient engagement to our customers.”

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About RoundingWell

RoundingWell is a cloud-based care management platform to help providers transition to a value-based world, and to help clinician teams engage patients and coordinate the delivery of care. RoundingWell is offered as a subscription service to a variety of health care entities, including hospitals, ACOs, Medicare Advantage plans and specialty care providers.

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