Precyse Awarded 2013 Best in KLAS for Transcription Services for the Second Year

WAYNE, Pa. and ALPHARETTA, Ga., Feb. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Precyse, a leader in health information management (HIM) Performance Management and Technology, has been named Best in KLAS for Transcription Services in the recent report titled “2013 Best in KLAS: Software & Services.” Precyse has achieved consecutive top rankings, receiving very high marks in all three categories; Sales and Contracting, Service and Support, and General, all with scores over 90. “We listened to the providers, and these are the results,” said Adam Gale, CEO and president of KLAS Research. “This report isn’t about KLAS. It is a reflection of thousands of providers who wanted to be heard and counted. That is the reason top-performing vendors should be proud of their achievements.”

The clinical documentation of the patient story is critical to the success of a healthcare facility. Without accurate, concise clinical documentation it is impossible to achieve Core Measures, to transition to ICD-10 or to establish clinical data mining to produce required statistics. Precyse’s combination of technology, processes and services accelerates turnaround time, reduces costs, minimizes capital outlay and transforms dictation into meaningful clinical information for ultimate patient care while achieving financial goals.

“I am thrilled to see Precyse honored as Best in KLAS for transcription services again this year. The continual commitment, hard work and relentless effort of our colleagues supports our vision where all meaningful information is available and helps save time, money and lives. I’m proud that we are unmatched in quality of service staff and living up to client expectations, among many other things.'” said Chris Powell, president of Precyse. “We believe that this recognition reflects the relentless focus on continual improvement. The year over year consistency of our ranking is outstanding.”

One Precyse customer on the KLAS website stated, “I do not have any gaps or shortcomings with Precyse. I have been with them since 2006. My HIM department utilizes them as a full outsource service. I could not be more thrilled. Using Precyse was the best decision I made. They beat their contract term times by a mile. I don’t have any quality complaints or upset doctors. Transcription is a nonissue.”[i]

About KLAS
KLAS is a research firm on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by enabling providers to be heard and counted. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers data on software, services, medical equipment, and infrastructure systems to deliver timely reports, trends, and statistical overviews. The research directly represents the provider voice and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance. Follow KLAS on Twitter at

About Precyse
Precyse provides industry-leading expert services and comprehensive technologies that empower healthcare organizations to most effectively and efficiently capture, organize, secure and analyze clinical data and transform it into actionable information, supporting the delivery of quality patient care and optimizing operating performance. Precyse has enabled nearly 4,000 healthcare facilities and health systems nationwide to improve efficiency and deliver tangible outcomes for more than a decade. With products ranging from an integrated transcription and coding platform with advanced speech recognition, expert workflow technologies and Natural Language Processing to HIM consulting and services, Precyse’s flexible software can be delivered stand-alone or complemented by a professional staff of more than 1,300 experts. Now more than ever, hospitals and health systems are challenged to achieve meaningful use of the legal health record. Precyse is the partner hospitals across the country choose to achieve this goal. To learn more, visit

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