par8o Announces Expanded Relationship with WellHealth Quality Care

par8o, the national leader in referral management solutions, announced today that it has expanded its relationship with WellHealth Quality Care (WellHealth), Nevada’s first accountable care network. WellHealth will leverage the par8o platform to operationalize a patient-centered medical home model for over 17,000 members of the Teachers Health Trust, a self-funded health trust for all licensed employees of Nevada’s Clark County School District.

As an accountable care network, WellHealth partners with payer groups to bring Nevada residents an efficient healthcare delivery system. WellHealth provides all medical specialties, from primary care and pediatrics, to neurosurgery and obstetrics. By utilizing par8o’s platform, WellHealth’s network physicians benefit from a simplified and streamlined referral workflow, ensuring that patients have access to the right provider at the right time. By extending the par8o platform to the newly contracted Teachers Health Trust, WellHealth will ensure that over 120 new primary care offices in the Las Vegas area will be able to utilize par8o for their patient populations.

“The Teachers Health Trust’s mission has always been to provide the best and most efficient medical care to members of the teachers’ union and their families, but the Trust was struggling to effectively guide its members to high quality, efficient providers,” said Dr. Keith Boman, CMO, WellHealth Quality Care. “We are excited to welcome the Trust into WellHealth Quality Care’s accountable care network so that we can better leverage both our relationships and technology, such as our par8o platform.”

par8o combines technology, workflow analysis, and real-time analytics to positively impact care at the critical moment of the referral. While the par8o platform streamlines workflow between sending and receiving providers, it also provides real-time analytics to the sending provider, the receiving provider, as well as the organization that has deployed it. By aligning payers, providers and patients, par8o can help reduce leakage, improve the consumer experience, and boost network compliance.

“par8o enables network optimization to ensure patients always have access to the primary and specialty care that they need,” said Adam Sharp M.D., CMO and co-founder of par8o. “Just as we have done for the patients of Mount Sinai Health System in NYC, and Lancaster Regional Medical Center, we are now improving the care for the members of Teachers Health Trust by providing their physicians with the technology and workflow to make the best referral decisions possible.”

About WellHealth Quality Care
WellHealth Quality Care is Nevada’s first multi-specialty Accountable Care Network. Based on the principle of providing the very best in patient care, our network of hand-selected providers includes some of the area’s finest medical professionals dedicated to providing five-star, coordinated, and accountable care. Our integrated and quality-based network of collaborative physicians provides both patients and providers with a sophisticated, efficient and cost effective healthcare delivery system. For more information, visit or call (702) 545-6116.

About par8o
par8o is reinventing the patient referral process. par8o’s referral management solution connects providers, payers, and patients and creates a common point for coordinating care delivery and plan design. The cloud-based, EMR-agnostic par8o platform enables all parties to improve care and optimize towards several clinical and business goals in parallel, rather than to the detriment of one another. par8o helps clients succeed by applying Pareto Optimization, a powerful economic principle that succeeds because it is well-suited to the complex, multi-constituency nature of healthcare. Simply put, par8o helps organizations match the right patient to the right resource at the right time. To learn more about par8o, please visit

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