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21 July 2018, Bhopal: OMSOFTWARE – a fast-growing mobile application development company from India, with an impressive portfolio of capabilities, has developed an android application called SIPtm – thus adding another milestone in its ever-growing list of achievements. SIPtm makes investments in mutual funds really simple and is the first App in India built ground up for SIP investments, i.e. it preselects a basket of funds which are optimized to give the highest returns for SIP mode of investing. Read on to learn more!

OMSOFTWARE – a mobile application development company from Pune is pleased to announce it has successfully completed the development of mobile app SIPtm (A Mutual Fund investment Application platform). The android version of the app; which is ready for installation here simplifies the process of mutual fund investments.

Everguard Life Ventures Pvt. Ltd. the parent of SIPtm believes based on over 5000 hours of research that the best mode of investing in mutual funds is via SIPs for the following reasons:

• It manages volatility better and as a result gives relatively higher returns.

• It leads to disciplined investing as it takes the emotions out of the equation.

• It does not require regular monitoring and changes to the investment plan.

SIPtm offers a simple, reliable and secure way to invest. The android application developed by OMSOFTWARE makes it seemingly easier for anyone to make an informed investment decision, even for ones who are just entering into the world of investments.

“It was an important project as the goal was to develop a useful and easy application that adapts to customers’ needs while meeting the stringent regulations at the same time. Our developers toiled hard to pinpoint all the requirements and then finally came up with a finished product that is exactly what was needed,” Says Mr. Rajkamal, CEO, OMSOFTWARE.

Experience the benefits of investing in mutual funds via SIPs. Please install the application from Google Play store here


OM Software is one of the leading IT and ITES players in the industry that offer smartest and proven IT services. Other than mobile application development solutions, the company also offers a host of other IT solutions. Possessing maximum expertise and experience in wide-ranging domains, the company offers a variety of digital transformation and marketing solutions for clients worldwide.


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About Everguard Life Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Everguard Life Ventures was conceived with a vision to bring path-breaking products to customers that provide significant value in key areas of their life. At present, the company is focusing all its energy on SIPtma mobile investment App to make the investment process extremely simple for their users to turn their dreams into reality.


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