Nudge Coach Provides Health Professionals With The First Ever Tool That Analyzes Wearables Data

Nudge, the leading health and fitness app, today launched Nudge Coach, the industry’s first HIPAA-compliant tool that enables health professionals to analyze a customers data from their health and sports wearables. Nudge Coach will be responsible for taking the wearable space to the next level by ensuring that wearables data is utilized more effectively, allowing for health professionals to provide tailored feedback to users.

The web-based platform is able to interpret the data such as their hydration, fitness, diet and sleep patterns and combine it into one score, ‘the Nudge Factor’, giving health professionals a detailed snapshot of a users overall health. Health professionals will now be able to quickly review the health data of a larger group of people in a shorter pace of time and step in to provide advice and support where there are areas of concern. Nudge Coach also contains a private-messaging tool that enables the health professional to communicate with users immediately to offer feedback in real-time.

“Nudge Coach is setting the precedent for how we should be utilizing our wearables data. We know that over a third of smartphone users are using mhealth apps and that number is suppose to exceed 50% by 2017,” said Nudge co-founder Mac Gambill and Phil Beene. “By enabling that user information to be professionally analyzed it allows for a more useful and meaningful interaction with that very same data, which is infinitely more useful to the consumer.”

Not only is Nudge Coach fully HIPAA-compliant, but by enabling healthcare professionals to guide consumers to better health, it also has the potential to help users reduce their health insurance costs.

“As a health care professional myself, the value that Nudge Coach brings to my patients is incalculable, says Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk, “it will take what has been a basic set of data and turn it into a relevant and meaningful insight both for health professionals like myself and for its users.”

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About Nudge

Nudge is a health, wellness and lifestyle company set to transform the healthcare industry by offering insight into individuals’ lifestyle choices. By tracking dietary intake, level of hydration, minutes of fitness and hours of sleep as well as synching with the leading apps and wearables, Nudge is the principal curator of the best health and fitness apps on the market. Nudge uses a carefully calculated, evidence-proven algorithm to present users with a Nudge Factor, an indexed number representing the overall level of health of the user, which can be used for comparison with other Nudge users and friends on social media, regardless of apps and trackers used. The Nudge Factor can also be used to see where users can improve upon daily life choices, motivating them to pursue an elevated, overall wellbeing. Launched in May 2014, Nudge is a Tennessee-based company co-founded by Mac Gambill, Phil Beene and Chris Garson.

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