New Productivity Solutions from eMedApps Help Physicians and Practices Increase Revenue, Simplify and Streamline Adminis

Smart Visit creates a unified view of a physician’s daily schedule complete with test results, historical notes and insurance effective dates; CCDA Management and Batch Write Off solutions automate cumbersome administrative processes.

SCHAUMBURG, IL — Practices are challenged to increase efficiency without adding layers to their workflow or sacrificing accuracy. New productivity solutions from eMedApps provide pre-visit planning, automated financial, and continuity of care document management. These innovative productivity tools deliver actionable insight in easy-to-understand dashboards that simplify physician prep time and streamline repetitive multi-click processes. Care providers and their teams note significant decreases in errors, increases in payment collection, and overall improved job satisfaction.

The Growing Link Between Busy Work and Burnout

According to the Practice Profitability Index, the percentage of physicians spending more than one day a week on paperwork is over 70%. The average physician spends 8.7 hours each week on administrative activities, in addition to time spent on patient care, and most feel that EHRs do not save time.

eMedApps focuses on moving the productivity needle. Examining time-wasting technology gaps that EHRs are failing to address, practices can now add more patient-facing minutes to every day and every patient encounter.

Freddie L. Woodard Jr., MBA director of billing and EDI services for La Clinica De La Raza is an early adopter of the new Batch Write Off solution. “My team was faced with a task that, if done manually, would have taken several days. Using the Batch Write Off Utility, the task was completed in a matter of hours. The Solution is fast and efficient, a great use of technology, and a great time saver.”

Improve Visibility to Increase Physician Productivity

Smart Visit brings together information on all patients for the day in one template to simplify and enhance physician pre-visit planning and prep time. From the dashboard, providers can review patient summary information, drill down into details, and quickly access a patient’s chart. The template shows clinicians all outstanding items to be addressed across all patients, including open orders, PAQ items, and tasks. With one click, the clinician can quickly navigate the complete patient chart and take any action required. Customized for the NextGen EHR, key Smart Visit features include:
• One-click access to key information from anywhere in the patient’s chart
• Easy access to billing information that was missed or needs to be completed

Automate Cumbersome Administrative and Financial Tasks

CCDA Management provides a workflow processing tool to monitor and manage CCDA traffic in NextGen Share. The new solution offers more options for document management as well as oversight for reports and information sent and received throughout the day. Use the CCDA Management dashboard to:
• View documents received without accessing patient charts
• Create a streamlined workflow that meets clinician needs
• View CCDAs sent long before reporting is complete in HQM
• Launch Rosetta Holding Tank to resolve mismatched patient records directly from the template

Batch Write Off facilitates mass write-offs that complete quickly, without human error, helping administrative staff stay productive. The custom tool provides an automated approach to numerous adjustments including contracts that were not in place at the time of service or providers who were not yet credentialed.
• Select account or encounter-based write offs
• Adjust small balances from the account level
• Adjust at the encounter level from Payer, location, and provider

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