Meditab Partners with Exostar to Achieve Seamless EPCS

Meditab Inc., the developer of Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), has chosen Exostar’s ProviderPass to extend IMS to deliver electronic prescription for controlled substances (EPCS) functionality. The highly secure solution meets EPCS requirements issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) while offering a seamless, consistent user experience for providers who have come to rely on IMS to efficiently and effectively care for patients.

To help prevent controlled substances from falling into the wrong hands, the DEA mandated the following actions for any provider who is e-prescribing schedule II, III, IV, and V controlled substances:

Meditab’s IMS ClientConnect portal allows providers to initiate a remote identity proofing event, conducted in partnership with Exostar via Experian or a live web cam video.  The IMS ClientConnect portal also lets healthcare providers place shipping orders for One Time Password (OTP) hardware tokens that serve as the credentials for second factor authentication.

Exostar’s ProviderPass enables IMS to meet DEA requirements by activating the OTP hardware token credential for providers following the successful completion of the identity proofing event and authenticating the token each time it is presented for access to EPCS functionality within the IMS e-Prescription module.  Each provider receives a unique OTP hardware token, reducing the risk for unauthorized access while ensuring compliance and accountability.

The e-Prescribing workflow of IMS takes care of applying a digital signature when the provider is ready to submit the prescription. IMS also provides other new features like new reports for controlled substances, prescriber approval processes and more.

“By choosing Exostar’s ProviderPass, we have been able to quickly augment IMS to include an EPCS capability that is secure and DEA compliant,” said Sameer Sharma, Business Analyst at Meditab Software Inc.  “Just as significantly, providers who have used IMS will continue to enjoy a consistent, compelling user experience that lets them focus on the patient, not the administrative process.”

Exostar is certified by the SAFE-BioPharma Association to meet the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s 800-63 Level 3 standard called for by the DEA. This also means that the OTP credentialing service aligns with the U.S. Federal Identity and Credentialing Access Management (FICAM) requirements.

“ProviderPass is the perfect complement to Meditab’s innovative suite of intelligent, integrated, and intuitive software solutions that support the primary process of healthcare delivery,” said Daniel Pfeifle, Exostar’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “With our Software-as-a-Service business model, Meditab has been able to jump to the forefront of EPCS solution availability while keeping its team focused on the continued implementation of award-winning software products for healthcare providers.”

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About Meditab Software, Inc.
Meditab Software, Inc. is a company created in 1998 by practicing pharmacists and physicians to develop robust and sophisticated software solutions for health care providers. Nearly every process of IT delivery, including e-prescribing, scheduling and referral management, are handled in a streamlined and certified manner with Meditab software. With the highest measures of clinical quality, Meditab has been providing robust IT solutions for providers large and small.

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