Mayo Clinic Partners with Apervita for Analytics

Apervita, Inc. (, the first health analytics market, announces that the Mayo Clinic ( will make their analytics available on Apervita. Mayo Clinic will leverage Apervita to commercialize its analytics, publishing and sharing algorithms with healthcare enterprises to improve patient outcomes. Mayo Clinic will join other prominent health institutions in the growing Apervita analytics community.

“We are sharing our algorithms to empower others to deliver patients the best health care,” said Paul Friedman, MD Vice-chair, Cardiovascular Medicine, and Director, Cardiac Electronic Implantable Device Lab at Mayo Clinic. “At Mayo, one of our most scalable assets is our knowledge. We have found sharing knowledge significantly improves the efficacy of care delivery, improving quality and driving down costs. Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death among adults over the age of 40. One algorithm we are sharing through the Apervita Market assists physicians by quickly sifting through data, and automatically identifying patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest for an appropriate consultation.”

Mayo Clinic’s decision to offer its algorithms through Apervita empowers health enterprises everywhere to leverage Mayo Clinic’s expertise. Mayo’s portfolio of algorithms covers a large number of specialties, such as cardiovascular, pulmonology, and oncology. The Apervita health analytics market liberates this knowledge and makes it readily accessible so that every health professional can take advantage of it. With Apervita, health enterprises no longer need to hard code analytics into their existing systems or buy siloed analytic systems. By selecting trusted analytics from globally renowned institutions, health enterprises can readily improve their workflow, inserting insight where it is most needed.

“Mayo Clinic has one of the richest portfolios of health knowledge in the world, which combined could have extraordinary benefits for the world’s health. Now, through the Apervita market, Mayo is able to unlock this potential,” said Paul Magelli, CEO of Apervita. “Patients and health professionals have the most to gain when leading organizations like Mayo publish on Apervita.”

Apervita empowers health professionals and enterprises to capture and share health knowledge, allowing them to easily author, publish and use health analytics, such as algorithms, quality and safety measures, pathways, and protocols. The cloud-based Apervita platform enables anyone, anywhere to create and subscribe to analytics, and easily integrate them into their workflow. For the first time, it provides fast, flexible and affordable analytics necessary to satisfy the burgeoning demand for health insights. Apervita’s rapidly growing community, including top academic medical centers, are addressing fundamental provider challenges, such as chronic disease management, preventable adverse events, readmissions, cancer, early warning, quality and safety.

Apervita recently completed an $18 million Series A funding round, led by GE Ventures and Baird Capital with participation from Pritzker Group Venture Capital, Math Ventures and existing investors, to support its goal of empowering enterprises across the globe to transform health knowledge and data into computable insight, addressing healthcare’s most pressing challenges.

Mayo Clinic and Dr. Friedman have a financial interest in the technology described in this press release. Revenue Mayo receives supports its nonprofit mission in patient care, education and research.

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About Apervita

Apervita is the leading health analytics community, where prominent health professionals and enterprises from around the globe are transforming the world’s health knowledge into thousands of health analytics.

Apervita is a secure, self-service platform, that enables health professionals and enterprises to author, publish and subscribe to a market of evidence-based algorithms, quality and safety measures, pathways, and protocols, easily connecting them to data and workflow. Available to every health professional and powerful enough for the entire health enterprise, Apervita provides health analytics at a tenth of today’s cost, in a hundredth of the time.

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