LeadingReach Launches New Version of Referral Management and Patient Engagement Platform

LeadingReach, a referral management and patient engagement platform for the entire healthcare ecosystem, today announced the launch of LeadingReach 2.0. The newest version of the platform enhances referral management capabilities, helping providers refer in real-time, collaborate on patient care and seamlessly share information. LeadingReach 2.0 has also added several patient engagement capabilities proven to dramatically improve a patient’s adherence to treatment plans and health literacy.

“LeadingReach has created the ultimate cross-EMR communication system. It engages our patients and engages the offices that refer to us, continually building our reputation as a 21st century, quality healthcare network,” said Zach Zavoral, Director of Marketing & Communication, Little River Healthcare, with over 30 locations across Texas. “When it comes to patient communication and referral management, every EMR comes up short. LeadingReach fills in those communication gaps that EMRs miss: digital referral tracking, cross-EMR communication and large network-wide simplicity. Our nursing staffs and referral clerks love using LeadingReach 2.0 because it actually makes their jobs easier and more efficient. We have a very large multi-specialty clinic in Temple, Tx using Greenway, and a very small rural multi-specialty clinic in Cameron, Tx using Cerner. Typically, a referral going from one to the other involves fax machines and prayers that the receiving clinic follows through with the referral. Now, however, with LeadingReach 2.0, staff at the Temple clinic can track their referral’s progress, from submission to completion, as the Cameron clinic fulfills the referral. It’s a game-changer for Little River Healthcare.”

The new 2.0 platform will deliver LeadingReach customers:

“Our vision is to create a world class referral management and patient engagement platform for organizations of all sizes, and our 2.0 release represents significant advancements in our ability to deliver that vision,” said Curtis Gattis, CEO of LeadingReach, Inc. “When we ask providers about their challenges, they consistently rank Referral Management as one of their primary issues. LeadingReach 2.0 – our biggest release ever – is all about helping providers take control of the referral life cycle.”

About LeadingReach
LeadingReach is a Referral Management and Patient Engagement Platform for the entire healthcare ecosystem. The LeadingReach mission is to improve the patient experience, drive outcomes and increase satisfaction – for patients and providers. From initial referral, through pre-appointment, treatment and diagnosis, to collecting valuable patient feedback, LeadingReach uses a powerful Four Core Metric approach to increase patient acquisition and ensure a better experience during the healthcare process.

LeadingReach defines and scores the Four Core Metrics of the patient lifecycle as:

Privately held and based in Austin, TX, LeadingReach was created in 2013. Its data-driven, HIPAA-compliant platform has processed over 100,000 transactions for hundreds of dentists, doctors, hospitals and surgery centers throughout central Texas. For more information, visit http://www.leadingreach.com.

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