Inofile Receives Extensive Certifications at IHE Connectathon

BOISE, Idaho–()–Inofile announced today that it received nearly 80 certifications at the Integrating Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) North American Connectathon, a national health information system and technology testing event for the healthcare industry. Inofile’s success at the event, which is dedicated to improving how technology and devices share healthcare information, validates both the company’s expertise and the capabilities of its solutions to integrate into any medical setting.

During intensive testing last week, the company’s technology was certified for its document creation, data exchange and secure DIRECT message capabilities. Inofile successfully completed interoperability tests with nearly 20 partners, with expertise ranging from electronic medical records to health information exchange to document management to information technology.

“Conforming to nearly 80 different tests is a significant accomplishment, given IHE’s international recognition as the leading body for driving standards adoption in healthcare technology,” said Therasa Bell, Inofile’s president and chief technology officer. “Our efforts at Connectathon ensure that our technology will meet interoperability standards for the next phase of Meaningful Use requirements and broader international standards. These advancements will be incorporated throughout our technology to connect everyone involved with the patient experience through simple, lightweight solutions that simplify healthcare.”

Inofile technology is also a key component of the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase in late February, where the company will participate in a use case with the Health Story Project. Components of the use case, and Inofile’s role in the showcase, also were validated at the Connectathon last week.

About Inofile

Inofile technology creates vital links to simplify healthcare. Its groundbreaking software solves one of the most complex and overlooked problems facing healthcare, transforming unstructured medical information into a common, standards-based format. Inofile connects the healthcare continuum with simple, cost-effective technology designed to integrate into any patient care setting. Learn more at

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