HIMSS Analytics Releases 2015 U.S. Telemedicine Study

HIMSS Analytics released today its latest Essentials Brief, the 2015 U.S. Telemedicine Study.

“We were curious to see if the positive view of the telemedicine market that came through in our 2014 Telemedicine Study was still tracking today,” said Brendan FitzGerald, HIMSS Analytics Research Director.  “The quick answer is yes; however, despite positive indicators there are still components that make this a complex market.  The term ‘telemedicine’ is broadly used in the market to describe a number of solutions, services and even vendors.  Additionally, many organizations are still determining how best to use these technologies to meet their needs.”

Based on data from the HIMSS Analytics® Database as well as insight from healthcare IT executives across the country, topics covered include market utilization, vendor market share, purchase plans, and investment drivers. Additionally, data from HIMSS Analytics’ 2014 U.S. Telemedicine Study provides deeper understanding by presenting year-over-year comparisons.

Highlights of the Essentials Brief include:

HIMSS Analytics Essentials Briefs are complimentary for hospitals and health systems, and are available for a fee to all other interested parties. To request a copy or view the Table of Contents please visit www.himssanalytics.org/research.

About HIMSS Analytics
HIMSS Analytics collects, analyzes and distributes essential health IT data related to products, costs, metrics, trends and purchase decisions.  It delivers quality data and analytical expertise to healthcare delivery organizations, IT companies, governmental entities, financial, pharmaceutical and consulting companies. Visit www.himssanalytics.org.

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