Greenway PrimeEXCHANGE Validated to Help Advance Industrywide, Standards-Based Data Exchange

Greenway’s PrimeEXCHANGE has successfully completed testing and is now the first ambulatory information provider to have a solution recognized as a Validated System by Healtheway’s eHealth Exchange Product Testing Program. eHealth Exchange is a group of both federal and non-federal entities with a common goal to improve patient care and public health reporting through secure, trusted and interoperable health information exchange. Greenway was also the first ambulatory health IT provider to join Healtheway and support the eHealth Exchange.

The eHealth Exchange Product Testing Program was developed to provide a high degree of assurance that systems developed by participating solution providers conform to the eHealth Exchange’s rigorous performance specifications and underlying standards, and interoperate with other systems without error or further customization. This is designed to significantly reduce the level of effort and cost to any organization that onboards using an eHealth Exchange-validated product.

Furthering the progress of national interoperability

“The goal of the eHealth Exchange from its inception is to make standards-based data sharing accessible to all providers and systems,” said Healtheway CEO Mariann Yeager. “Greenway’s early commitment from within the ambulatory health IT community has shown the pathway and furthered the progress of national interoperability.”

From the start, Greenway customers have benefited from the information provider’s industry leadership and innovative platforms. PrimeEXCHANGE was one of the first interoperability solutions in the industry to use a centralized, cloud-based model versus expensive point-to-point interfaces to enable scalability, ease of implementation and maintenance, and drive down related costs.

“Interoperability is part of the DNA of Greenway Health,” said Greenway® CEO Tee Green. “It’s an essential element of our mission and our commitment to improving health by embracing the consumer through advanced electronification — what we call ICE.”

More than a thousand vendors are connected with PrimeEXCHANGE, including labs, immunization registries, government institutions, with over 11,500 interfaces established between Greenway customers and those vendors. More than 12 million messages are sent each month between those interfaces.

“Interoperability allows integration of electronic records within the practice,” said William Sester, practice administrator with Birmingham (AL) Heart Clinic, which uses Greenway’s PrimeSUITE®, an electronic health record and practice management solution built on a single platform to facilitate data exchange. “Somebody can populate data one time, and it can go through other systems. It’s a mechanism that allows us to load a patient’s data in, it’s pulled throughout Greenway and via PrimeEXCHANGE it can pull into other systems such as Quest Diagnostics.”

Leading industry initiatives

Greenway Health actively participates and has often been a founding member of many cross-vendor industry initiatives focused on data exchange. Just a few examples include the first major exchange between an ambulatory EHR in a practice environment (Greenway’s PrimeSUITE) and Epic Systems’ EpicCare solution in a hospital setting (see customer feature article and news release); first to connect to OHIP, CORHIO and several other state health information exchanges (HIEs); and the only founding member of both the CommonWell Health Alliance and Healtheway’s Carequality (see news release).

In addition, Greenway recently delivered the largest integrated EHR implementation across more than 8,200 retail Walgreens pharmacies, now used by over 27,000 pharmacists. It will enable data sharing between Walgreens pharmacy caregivers as well as with providers within their communities.

Mike Jordan, MD, of East Lake Pediatrics, Palm Harbor, FL, a Greenway Intergy user, stated that being able to easily exchange data greatly improves his practice and helps him focus on patients.

“Clinical exchange helps improve office efficiency and productivity, makes nurses’ requisition process easier and more efficient, reduces errors and omissions with handwritten forms and streamlines the entire process; something that takes 10 or 15 minutes manually can be reduced to 3 or 4 minutes,” Jordan said.

“Interoperability and data liquidity — the flow of information — is essential for better care coordination and improved population health,” Green said. “Greenway is proud to contribute and in many cases lead this important advancement.”

About Greenway Health

Greenway Health delivers the clinical, financial and administrative solutions healthcare providers need to effectively manage the delivery of quality care and improve health outcomes for patient populations. For over 30 years, Greenway has offered smarter solutions that help providers succeed in an evolving value-based healthcare system. Greenway’s clinically driven revenue cycle management services and comprehensive suite of interoperable solutions improve financial performance and automate clinical and administrative workflows, so medical providers can spend time on patients instead of paperwork. For more information, visit or call (866) 242-3805. Follow Greenway on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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