GHX Launches New Managed Service for Healthcare Supplier EDI Mapping

LOUISVILLE, Colo. – Feb. 20, 2018 – Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) announced a new addition to its managed services capabilities, GHX EDI Mapping, providing a cloud-based platform to translate supply chain trading partner transactional information to ERP-specific formats. This new managed service leverages market expertise in EDI mapping to help enable healthcare suppliers connect to customers without the investment in EDI mapping tools and resources. This increases the available number of transacting suppliers in the healthcare EDI community, reduces the requirement and cost associated with building internal EDI expertise and drives greater savings in the healthcare industry.

The new service allows suppliers to focus on their core business while GHX does the work of standardizing and translating provider electronic supply chain information into ERP-specific data. The service helps organizations of all sizes benefit from e-commerce without the investment in EDI skill sets lowering operating costs, focusing resources on more strategic initiatives, speeding time to market, and eliminating the need to manage EDI in-house.

“Enabling e-commerce historically required suppliers to invest in both technology infrastructure and highly skilled resources. Cloud technology now allows suppliers to focus on their core business and leverage the operational scale that GHX can provide,” said Chris Luoma, vice president, Market Management, GHX. “Our new service gives suppliers a turnkey solution allowing them to be more agile as an organization. Put simply, we let suppliers focus on serving their customer, while GHX focuses on making sure they do so efficiently.”

The more than 4,100 healthcare providers in the GHX network also benefit from suppliers previously unable to transact business electronically that can now directly integrate into the trading partner network.

More trading partners transacting by EDI leads to a more efficient supply chain with the digitization of processes that enable better tracking and reporting.

New EDI Mapping Managed Service highlights:

? Supports EDI transaction sets with data translation, mapping and production support

? Manages infrastructure, software upgrades and specified mapping edits

? Monitors transaction traffic and failures with root cause identification

? Helps enable better service support for supplier customers

? Relieves internal IT resources of the time and effort to manage EDI infrastructure

EDI Mapping joins two other services in the expanding managed service practices at GHX: POA Managed Service supports fully electronic supply chain interactions with suppliers of all capabilities and Price Sync Managed Service which facilitates contract price alignment among trading partners and helps healthcare providers transact more accurately.


GHX EDI Mapping Managed Service is available now in the United States and Canada.

About GHX

Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) is a healthcare business and data automation company, empowering healthcare organizations to enable better patient care and maximize industry savings using its world-class cloud-based supply chain technology platform. GHX brings together healthcare providers, manufacturers and distributors in North America, and Europe, who rely on proven healthcare-focused technology and comprehensive data to automate business processes and make more informed, timely and fact-based decisions. Solutions span procurement and accounts payable automation, contract and inventory management, vendor credentialing and management, business intelligence, payment management and other supply chain-related tools and services. For more information, visit and The Healthcare Hub.

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