FairWarning Announces New Expansion Plans Fueled by Record Growth

FairWarning, Inc., the inventor and KLAS Category Leader in Patient Privacy Monitoring , today announced company-wide expansion plans that include: the launch of new products in 2014; completion of 13,500 square feet of new office space and training facilities; as well as continued aggressive hiring and training of FairWarning team members to better serve the growing customer base. FairWarning now serves customers representing more than 6,500 healthcare facilities.

Company Results and New Customer Investments

Career Investment in FairWarning Team Members
To further growth and support customers, FairWarning® continues to hire top talent and has invested aggressively in team member training and state-of-the-art facilities:

Community Investments
FairWarning continues to generously invest in the Florida educational system and community:

Funding for FairWarning’s growth has come exclusively from organic cash-flow empowered by innovation, patented technology and intense focus on customer value creation. FairWarning has been profitable every year since 2008 enabling the above investments without state or Federal job creation grants or institutional investment.


About FairWarning, Inc.

FairWarning’s mission is to lead the industry expansion of trust in Electronic Health Records empowering care providers to grow their reputation for protecting confidentiality, scale their digital health initiatives and comply with complex Federal and state privacy laws such as HIPAA. By partnering with FairWarning, care providers are able to direct their focus on delivering the best patient outcomes possible while receiving expert, sustainable and affordable privacy and compliance solutions. Customers consider FairWarning privacy auditing solutions essential for compliance with healthcare privacy regulations such as ARRA HITECH privacy and meaningful use criteria, HIPAA, UK and EU Data Protection, California SB 541 and AB 211, Texas HB 300, and Canadian provincial healthcare privacy law. For more information on FairWarning visit http://www.FairWarning.com or email Solutions@FairWarning.com.

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