Face It Together and Welkin Health Partner to Transform Addiction Care and Management Using Real-time Data

Face It TOGETHER and Welkin Health, a San Francisco-based digital health company specializing in patient relationship management, have partnered to improve the care and management of drug and alcohol addiction. The partners will apply evidence-based digital support tools to recovery coaching with the goal of improving outcomes and reducing costs so that more people suffering from addiction can get well and stay well. The collaboration will focus its efforts initially at Face It TOGETHER’S headquarters in Sioux Falls and the organization’s newest affiliate, Hope for New Hampshire Recovery, in Manchester, New Hampshire. An expansion to North Dakota and Minnesota are expected later this year.

“Our partnership with Welkin Health will bring the peer-based tradition of addiction recovery to today’s leading edge of health care,” says David Whitesock, Chief Data Officer, Face It TOGETHER. “Gone are the days of ignorance and white-knuckled hope for our loved ones struggling with this horrific disease. Through Welkin Health, we’ll have the data to understand what approaches work best for addiction management. Our vision of a nation that has solved drug and alcohol addiction is more real with this collaboration.”

“Addiction is a chronic disease that needs to be managed as such to ensure that people receive the continued care and support that will bring them long-term success,” says Gideon Wald, Co-Founder and CTO, Welkin Health. “Face It TOGETHER understands this which is why their mission is so important to eradicating addiction and transforming how we treat it. With this partnership, we will be able to offer people battling addiction constant support and encouragement in real-time, whenever they need it, wherever they are. Our software is configurable and adaptable to meet individual user needs.”

“For the last five years we’ve been designing real solutions for individuals, communities and organizations looking for fundamentally new ways of dealing with addiction,” continues Whitesock. “Now we’re excited to partner with Welkin Health to advance digital, data and population health solutions for this costly and devastating disease.”

About Face It TOGETHER

Face It TOGETHER, based in Sioux Falls, SD, is a nationally focused nonprofit with a mission to get drug and alcohol addiction sufferers well. Their data-driven work marries social mission with entrepreneurship, providing a range of tools to healthcare, payors and employers for addiction population health management. They are also building a national network of community affiliates to implement their model locally, removing barriers and improving lifelong addiction care across a community so more people can get well and stay well. The first Face It TOGETHER affiliate is in Sioux Falls and new affiliates are opening this year in Fargo, Bismarck and Grand Forks, ND; Bemidji, MN; Waco, TX and across New Hampshire. Contact FIT at faceit@wefaceittogether.org.

About Welkin Health

Welkin Health is a digital health company that helps healthcare organizations provide remote patient engagement with configurable patient relationship management software and smartphone apps. The company enables any healthcare team to implement the best outreach solutions for patients with chronic illness, leading to improved clinical and financial outcomes. Welkin helps care teams foster long-term patient relationships by ensuring the focus is on people rather than software. They offer competitive pricing and most new configurations can be completed in a month’s time. To inquire about partnering with Welkin, write to partnerships@welkinhealth.com.

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