Essia Health Acquires Eastside Specialty Scribes

Essia Health, the premier provider of specially trained medical scribes and electronic medical record (EMR) go-live support services, today announced that it has acquired Bellevue, Washington-based Eastside Specialty Scribes. The deal continues a recent trend in scribe sector transactions, and it is the first one between two scribe companies

Eastside Specialty Scribes is a scribe company started by emergency physician Brad Kilcline, MD, following requests from his colleagues to borrow his emergency department scribes for their specialty practices.

The company focuses on providing customized scribe solutions to physician practices in every specialty, including family practice, orthopedics and cardiology.

“Dr. Kilcline and Eastside Specialty Scribes share our vision. We are all dedicated to enabling healthcare providers to simultaneously focus on patients and harness the fullest potential of EMR technologies,” said Matthew Kirchner, president and chief executive officer, Essia Health.

“The company has quickly made an impact serving specialty physician practices and will help us continue to expand our growing specialty scribe services.”

Essia Health is the pioneer of specialty clinic scribe programs, which have been proven to be effective across a wide range of clinical specialties, including but not limited to cardiology, internal medicine, urology, ENT, podiatry, rheumatology, orthopedics, dermatology, pediatric, family practice and hospitalist practices. Scribe programs are also well-established in hospital emergency departments. Specialty scribe programs contribute a range of benefits to the care process including improved patient satisfaction and increased productivity. In addition, specialty scribe programs have been shown to improve provider satisfaction.

“Medical scribes are not a Band-Aid approach to dealing with EMRs, whether in a hospital emergency department or a physician specialty practice,” said Dr. Kilcline. “There is a tremendous desire among specialty physicians to unplug from their computer systems and get away from data entry, so there is an ongoing need for medical scribes. By joining Essia Health, we can now scale our operations and get specialty physicians up and running with their scribe programs much more quickly.”

Dr. Kilcline joins Essia Health as a physician consultant and is responsible for engaging new and existing customers to expand the use of Essia Health scribes. He is a practicing emergency physician who has been training and using medical scribes since 2008. After establishing Eastside Specialty Scribes, the company quickly grew to serve multiple specialty clinics in the eastern Seattle area.

About Essia Health

Essia Health’s mission is to empower physicians to focus on the practice of medicine. The company ensures clinical teams harness the full power of EMR technologies, enabling them to deliver the highest quality care and documentation while achieving appropriate reimbursement and operational efficiency. Essia Health is the premier provider of specially trained medical scribes, EMR implementation services and ongoing informatics support.

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