dinCloud Introduces Specialized Healthcare Cloud Services

dinCloud, a cloud services provider that helps businesses rapidly migrate to the cloud through business provisioning, today announced cloud services specially developed and packaged for the healthcare industry. These services were designed to meet the growing needs of healthcare providers looking for a secure hosted solution with business continuity/disaster recovery capabilities.

Due to its highly regulated nature, the healthcare industry has been slow to adopt public cloud models, instead investing primarily in hybrid or private models (like dinCloud) to address security concerns derived from stringent HIPAA laws. With its specialized services for healthcare, dinCloud offers its award-winning hosted virtual desktops, hosted virtual servers, and cloud storage.

dinCloud’s secure cloud offerings provide the flexibility to access the entire digital workspace (specific to a user’s desktop, settings, documents, and applications) from multiple devices. This enables healthcare providers to simultaneously run back and front office operations from anywhere, anytime, using a desktop, laptop, iPad, or Android device. Additionally, dinCloud’s solutions for the healthcare sector feature heightened security measures with multiple lines of defense to protect digital assets and adhere to industry regulations.

RoundTable Technology, a dinCloud Value Added Reseller (VAR), and provider of strategic technology services to small to mid-sized businesses in the Northeast, white labels dinCloud’s hosted virtual desktop and server solutions. Evan Desjardins, president of RoundTable, says that compared to other solutions available in the market, dinCloud offers a unique service offering that is flexible, full featured, and cost effective for its customers.

“The industry requirements that healthcare organizations deal with are difficult enough, let alone having to manage the complexities of the noisy cloud market space. Having an affordable, scalable solution like dinCloud, that is easy to provision and provides accessibility from anywhere, is a huge advantage,” said Desjardins.

One of RoundTable’s customers is Occupational Medical Consulting, LLC (OMC) of Leeds, Maine. The organization migrated to dinCloud’s hosted virtual servers after its existing cloud-based solution vendor was having difficulties.  OMC needed a reliable provider that offered a full featured, but customizable solution, which was also reasonably priced. After evaluating several providers, OMC chose dinCloud for its simple pricing model and flexible, scalable solution offering, which allows OMC to add additional resources (e.g. RAM, CPU, hard drive, etc.) quickly via dinManage.

“We wanted a solution that afforded us the flexibility to tailor our infrastructure needs to business demands and pressures,” said Dwight Payne, software director, Occupational Medical Consulting, LLC. “In addition to dinCloud’s pricing and full featured solution, they were incredibly responsive to our needs and even configured a new server database using Microsoft SQL Server 2014 so we could be on the latest and greatest – the new server is far more feature rich than our last configuration.”

Medicalodges, Inc., a post-acute healthcare organization, providing quality healthcare to seniors and long term care patients in the Midwest, is also using dinCloud’s hosted virtual servers. Headquartered in Coffeyville, Kansas, Medicalodges was introduced to dinCloud through its technology partner, CDW. Stephen Arndt, consulting CIO at Medicalodges said the organization was looking to get out of the business of maintaining its own hardware and needed a partner that could maintain and monitor Medicalodges’ data center infrastructure that also had redundancy and business continuity at its core offering. “We looked at several providers, but went with dinCloud because they had the best understanding of our HIPAA and BAA requirements. We were also able to alter our server specifications on the fly,” added Arndt.

Healthcare organizations utilizing dinCloud’s solutions can realize several benefits including collaboration, security, disaster recovery, cost savings and scalability. To learn more about these benefits and dinCloud’s solutions for healthcare, visit:  www.dincloud.com/healthcare.

About dinCloud:
dinCloud is a cloud services provider that helps both commercial and public sector organizations rapidly migrate to the cloud through business provisioning, provided via its strong channel base of VARs and MSPs. Each customer’s dedicated private virtual data center provides hosted virtual desktops, hosted virtual servers, and cloud storage services, which are controlled by the customer through dinManage, dinCloud’s web-based management tool. dinCloud provides subscription-based services tailored to fit a range of business models resulting in reduced cost, enhanced security, control, and productivity. Visit www.dinCloud.com, www.linkedin.com/company/dinCloud, www.youtube.com/dinCloud, or follow @dinCloud on Twitter.

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