DHS Group Announces Advancements to its HealthSpective; Engage Product

DHS Group (Dynamic Health Strategies) is proud to announce that their HealthSpective Engage dashboard now includes both the Move and Medical modules– all in one platform with a single registration and sign on. To the participants, this means a simpler experience with more powerful and engaging features to elevate their health.

Medical provides members with a 24/7 snapshot of their medical experience and costs, opportunities to improve their health and wellness, and links to resources and programs to assist them in their journey toward better health.

The Move module provides participants with insight into their daily health and fitness activity level and allows them to track their progress toward personal fitness goals with data from their own Movband or devices from major brands like Fitbit, Garmin and Jawbone. DHS Group sees fitness data from wearable devices as just the first of many data types that will be collected, and that’s why Engage has the ability to evolve and capture new data streams that will work to further manage and elevate population health.

In October 2015 it was announced that DHS Group acquired Movable, a Cleveland, Ohio-based company that pioneered the concept of corporate fitness challenges with wearable devices. The launch of HealthSpective Engage was coordinated with the acquisition.

Learn more about how DHS Group can elevate population health at www.DHSGroup.com.

DHS Group works with companies and health plans to achieve better health outcomes through population science and member engagement tools. With roots extending back to 1997, DHS Group simplifies the data behind healthcare, creating actionable solutions, engagement tools and resources that elevate population health. To do so, DHS relies on its highly experienced, multi-disciplinary health experts that collaborate closely with its client base.
DHS Group is headquartered in Houston, Texas and is also located in Cleveland, Ohio. Learn more at www.DHSGroup.com.

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