CureMD Launches Free Physician Training Program to Counter ICD-10

CureMD, a leading Health IT solution and Medical Billing services provider, has officially launched its Physician Training Program to assist practices with the ICD-10 transition. This training is open for all practices. It will commence on August 13.

This transition is perhaps one of biggest challenges US healthcare industry has faced in decades. Despite the one-year grace period offered by the CMS, most practices are still unsure about their ability and preparedness for the change as indicated by recent surveys.

Describing the motivation behind the Program, CEO CureMD, Bilal Hashmat, said, “CureMD has always aspired to solve provider problems to make practicing medicine easier in today’s challenging healthcare environment. For ICD-10, we felt we need to do more than just provide upgraded technology. Rather than deciding on our own, what that ‘more’ should be, we went to our clients for their feedback. It seems that most practices are worried about documentation and physician preparedness more than coding. With this feedback in mind, we have designed our Physician Training Program, geared towards educating busy professionals. We are confident that these trainings will really help them in taking this transition heads on.”

This Training Program will make CureMD one of the very few Health IT vendors actually doing something to address ICD-10 needs of providers.

The Program is a series of 4 webinars, one every week until September 1. It will cover ICD-10 conventions, guidelines, strategies for choosing the right code and correct specialty documentation methodology.

To register or to learn more, please click here.

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