Context4 Healthcare, Inc. Launches ICDTransformer Solution

Context4 Healthcare, Inc., a leading provider of healthcare compliance and reimbursement solutions, announced today the launch of ICDTransformer. With ICDTransformer, providers, health systems, and payers now have a solution for the high cost and low productivity associated with the migration to the ICD-10 code set, mandated for October 1, 2015.  ICDTransformer is designed to allow for the continued use of the well-known and understood ICD-9 code set in order to reduce the disruption in business caused by moving to the vastly expanded ICD-10 code set. With the integration of ICDTransformer, core operational systems can quickly and easily transform ICD-9 codes into accurate and specific ICD-10 codes.

At the heart of the ICDTransformer solution is a proprietary knowledgebase developed by Context.  Over two years in the making, the extensive knowledgebase contains several critical pieces of information necessary for accurately transforming ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM. One such piece of information is the body part index, a structure defined by Context to associate anatomical relationships for each of the nearly 70,000 ICD-10 codes.

Mark Earles, CEO of Context4 Healthcare, stated “The goal of the ICD-10 coding system has always been to better describe the nature of healthcare encounters. Until the introduction of ICDTransformer™, that goal was attainable only by spending significant dollars to re-train staff and absorb the costs of lost productivity during the transition. Through the use of ICDTransformer, these groups can continue to leverage the employee skillsets and software they have today to meet the goals of ICD-10.”

The ICDTransformer solution provides a vastly improved result when compared to relying on results from the basic GEM (General Equivalence Mappings) crosswalk, a common approach many core system creators have adopted. After processing hundreds of thousands of claims, analyzing the ICD-9-CM codes, rendered services, and lateralities, the results with ICDTransformer were impressive:

Dr. Margaret Klasa, Medical Director of Context4 Healthcare, noted “There are many pieces of clinical information that drive the accurate selection of an ICD-10-CM code, none of which are factored into the CMS GEM crosswalk that so many systems rely upon today. The ICDTransformer uses that information to quickly and accurately arrive at a clinically-correct ICD-10-CM code – from body laterality, body part mapping, to include/exclude codes, as well as code notes.”

Deployed in a Web Services model, the highly scalable ICDTransformer™ is integrated into the core operational system on a real-time basis at the time of encounter or claim entry, immediately returning the accurate ICD-10.
About Context4 Healthcare, Inc.: Headquartered in Naperville, IL, Context4 Healthcare has more than 25 years of experience in software & data product development. Context is a leading provider of healthcare compliance and reimbursement solutions such as DecisionPoint™ Health Payment System of Usual, Customary & Reasonable (UCR) fee schedules, and ClaimEditor™ and FirstPass™, both real-time, online claims editing solutions. These solutions serve hundreds of provider, health system and payer clients, positively impacting millions of lives globally.

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