Cerner Recognized by KLAS for Growth in Population Health Management

Cerner, a global leader in health care technology, has been recognized as “a supplier most considered for future population health management (PHM) capabilities,” according to a recent KLAS report.

The report, Population Health Management Perception 2015: Which Vendors Stand Out,identifies Cerner as one of two vendors expected to see the highest growth in PHM in the coming years as electronic medical record (EMR) clients seek to lower PHM costs and increase EMR workflow integration.

Forty-one percent of the 112 providers surveyed said they are looking to replace a risk or care management solution. In the report, an anonymous client explained why they made the decision to switch to Cerner.

“We are moving to Cerner because of their integration with our inpatient EMR and because of some of the efforts they are making around building ambulatory workflows for care management.”

Cerner’s PHM suite of solutions leverages HealtheIntent, a system-agnostic, near real-time data platform that normalizes data from any source, facilitates the discovery of new knowledge and creates a continuous learning environment.

Cerner has experienced increased demand for HealtheIntent and has 65 unique clients and counting, several of which have aligned their PHM strategies with HealtheIntent including Stony Brook Clinical Network LLC.

“Stony Brook Clinical Network LLC has selected HealtheIntent to manage the population for our Suffolk County Performing Provider System, part of the New York State Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program,” said Jim Murry, CIO, Stony Brook Clinical Network LLC. “With HealtheIntent solutions, our care providers will be enabled to make more informed decisions at the point of care to promote better outcomes, a better patient experience and continuous knowledge through access to multi-system data.”

More than 40 thousand jobs are processed by the HealtheIntent platform daily, touching more than 40 million unique lives.

“To have a comprehensive approach to population health management, it’s vital for members to be engaged in their own health and care,” said Matthew Swindells, SVP, population health, Cerner. “We’re pleased with the rapid adoption of our agnostic population health management solutions by existing clients, non-Cerner clients and government clients. We believe the key to successful adoption is Cerner’s ability to normalize data in near real-time from disparate systems and create actions for providers and individuals, effectively enabling providers to manage the health of their populations.”


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