Caremerge Announces Partnership with Amazing Charts to Provide Complete EndEnd Chronic Care Management Solution

Caremerge, Inc., a revolutionary communication and care coordination network for the senior care industry, announced today a new partnership with Amazing Charts, LLC, a leading developer of Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) systems for independent physician practices. The new partnership will enhance Caremerge’s existing Chronic Care Management (CCM) solution and enable physician’s offices to improve practice efficiency and patient care while also helping them meet the new requirements set forth by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) allowing physicians to seek reimbursement for providing non-face-to-face coordination services to eligible patients with multiple chronic conditions.

The integration of Caremerge’s existing CCM solution with the Amazing Charts EHR and PM systems will make reimbursements a breeze while allowing physicians to turn their practices into hubs for coordinated care resulting in higher rates of patient engagement. Physician practices on the Caremerge CCM platform have always had access to the CCM time tracker feature to visually gauge how much non-face-to-face time was spent with each patient.

The new partnership between Caremerge and Amazing Charts addresses a significant gap in care coordination, enabling physicians to gain greater control over the care coordination for their entire Medicare population and collect additional practice revenue for functions performed.

“We are excited to partner with Amazing Charts, a leader in health IT technology for independent physician-owned practices,” said Asif Khan, Founder and CEO, Caremerge. “Together, we provide a comprehensive solution no one else can match with a focus on bettering patient care and outcomes. Physicians benefit from additional revenue, while patients with multiple chronic conditions receive better care coordination resulting in better health.”

“Our Caremerge partnership is designed to help physicians handle Chronic Care Management with minimal practice disruption,” said John Squire, President and COO of Amazing Charts, a division of Pri-Med. “It allows the physician’s office to become a hub for meaningful tailored care, resulting in healthier, happier patients while generating significant practice revenue for functions already being performed.”

About Caremerge

Caremerge is a revolutionary care coordination and communication platform designed to solve the challenges surrounding the senior care industry. Launched in 2012, Caremerge is considered a “Best of Breed” software, and is the most recognized and awarded software solution within the industry.

Caremerge keeps the entire care team informed and cohesive through an intuitive interface that enables real-time staff interaction, provides families with peace of mind and improves overall senior wellness.

About Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts provides Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR), Practice Management, and other Health IT solutions to healthcare practices. Based on number one user ratings for usability, fair pricing, and overall satisfaction, Amazing Charts EHR has been adopted by more than 10,000 clinicians in over 7,100 private practices. Founded in 2001 by a family physician, today Amazing Charts, LLC operates as a subsidiary of Pri?Med, an operating division of Diversified Communications (DC) and a trusted source for professional medical education to over 275,000 clinicians since 1995. For more information, visit:

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