analyticsMD Chooses OnRamp as HIPAA Hosting Provider

OnRamp, a leading high security hosting provider with data center facilities in Texas and North Carolina, announced today the publication of a new customer case study featuring analyticsMD. The article details the reasons why analyticsMD chose OnRamp’s HIPAA compliant hosting solutions.

Delivering a suite of online tools that help solve operational challenges in both the inpatient and outpatient healthcare settings, analyticsMD is a California based SaaS provider that integrates with electronic medical record (EMR) systems to provide key metrics for staffing optimization, patient flow analysis and performance management insights in the hospital setting. It is through analyticsMD’s persistent access to electronic protected health information and resulting high availability and high reliability needs that it sought out OnRamp’s IT solutions and professional experience to manage these concerns, while taking equal stake in the protection of such sensitive data.

“We knew that we wanted our software to run on a cloud-based environment with the ability to quickly spin up machines as we added new hospital clients, but what concerned us the most was finding an IT vendor that really understood HIPAA and HITECH and made a concerted effort to address the legal concerns related to the data we were intending to host in their environment,” said Brent Newhouse, COO at analyticsMD. Recognized for their comprehensive approach to working with numerous compliancy standards related to the privacy and security of critical data, OnRamp was chosen to address the data mobility needs for analyticsMD while cooperatively working with the company to maintain HIPAA compliance.

OnRamp’s secure HIPAA compliant private cloud solutions are run on dedicated equipment, utilizing virtualization to create a highly secure, highly available compute infrastructure, compliant with HIPAA’s privacy and security rules and regulations.  Hosted in the redundant, reliable and secure infrastructure of OnRamp’s enterprise-class data center facilities, OnRamp’s HIPAA compliant private cloud solutions provide the economic benefits of virtualization, the control over one’s own dedicated equipment and the private, secure environment that comprehensively ensures compliance. The use of dedicated hardware is essential to maintaining the confidentiality (data is protected from disclosure to unauthorized parties), availability (authorized parties are able to access data when needed) and integrity (data is protected from modification by unauthorized parties) of an IT environment, especially for those interacting with ePHI.

analyticsMD’s HIPAA compliant private cloud solution, hosted within OnRamp’s state-of-the-art data center facilities, provides a secure and effective means for the company to deploy server and application virtualization to support their business, in compliance with the rules set forth by HIPAA. This enables the company to quickly add assets as their business scales.

For more information about OnRamp’s HIPAA hosting solution for analyticsMD, view the case study at:

About OnRamp

OnRamp provides computing infrastructure for companies that require high levels of security and availability.  As an SSAE 16 SOC I Type II audited, PCI Level 1 and HIPAA compliant company, OnRamp operates multiple enterprise class data centers to deploy hybrid solutions built on cloud-delivered computing capacity, managed hosting and colocation services. OnRamp specializes in working with companies to ensure compliance in the healthcare, financial services and other industries with high security needs, helping them meet the rigorous compliance requirements associated with HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FISMA and FERPA.

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