Health Tech Companies Partner To Create Digital Coronavirus Screening Solution

GeneratorWorks, a technology company with a suite of healthcare software and hardware products, has announced a partnership with clinical algorithm platform SmartDocMD. Together, they have released SecurePass, a digital COVID-19 risk stratification and screening survey.

With bold and proactive steps, SecurePass creates a solution that effectively surveys patients and healthcare communities to identify possible COVID-19 risks. With this information at hand, healthcare facilities can better inform and remotely support those showing possible high-risk indicators.

SecurePass is powered by SmartDocMD’s clinical algorithms that combine CDC Guidelines for risk assessment, patient symptoms, and medical comorbidities to identify and help segregate higher-risk patients.

The product plugs in patient demographics, geolocation, risk factors, illness symptoms, severity and comorbid conditions that can be viewed in real-time and shared with GeneratorWorks portfolio of products as well as infectious disease teams, including the Center for Disease Control.

SecurePass has the strength of the GeneratorWorks suite of healthcare software and hardware products and is even stronger when tied to:

“Our world has changed with the current COVID-19 pandemic, and health systems are becoming overwhelmed” states CEO Blake Squires. “Quick-to-act and scalable digital tools need to be implemented. Understanding community health and provider needs are critical to ensuring the safety and ongoing operations of healthcare facilities and workers. With our collaboration to create SecurePass, we can do just that, while keeping patients informed, connected and safe.”

“As health systems are scrambling to contain COVID-19, bold, collaborative action is our only course,” explains Brian D’Anza, MD, President and Founder of SmartDocMD. “SmartDocMD’s clinical algorithms work within SecurePass to make sure the right patients are being seen at the right time. It ensures health systems can triage patients before they spend hours sitting in the ER, clinic, or another hospital site, which reduces transmission of this highly contagious disease.”

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