Health IT Activity, EHR Use and Lack of ROI So Far this Year, from SearchHealthIT

An amazing level of detail from a new SearchHealthIT infographic that summarizes what health IT activity, resources are available, from tools to improve HIE and meaningful use audits to the final installment of the HIPAA omnibus rule and updated certification standards for EHRs.

Some of the most eye-opening information offered in the piece is that most practices will make the biggest investment HIT investment this year, and the HIE are their biggest priority this year.

Other bits of useful info here is the CMS audit information reflected; up to 10 percent of pre-payment audits for providers who attested in January 2013. Expect that number to jump dramatically for the foreseeable future as CMS seeks to vet the program and stifle criticism about its validity.

And, also interesting to see is the number of venture vulture capitalists spending continues to rise, as expected. Again, expect more of this as we move forward and the investments become sweeter.

However, those those investing in EHRs, should we be surprised that only 27 percent of physicians are seeing a return on investment of their electronic health records. Glad I’m not the PR pro working with vendors to try to tell that story anymore. Perhaps it made sense at one time, but it’s becoming clearer that the technology has a ways to go before real efficiencies and return on investment are realized.

Overall, good information here from a good source; worth checking out.

Federal Health IT initiatives 2013

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