Health and Technology: Innovation and Advancement

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Technology has really evolved over the last half a century and its impact is very vast. Many fields are feeling getting a touch of the improved technological advancement a notable one being the medical and health sector. 

In the health sector, the ripples of technology are not going to disappear anytime soon meaning there are still plenty to offer that is on its way. Many trends have come and most find a comfortable spot and stick for ages. The effects are evident in the improvements in the quality of equipment to the commercial aspect of medical care making the internet its hub.

Improvements in Health Technology

One of the key drivers in the technological age is the curiosity factor that forms the necessity aspect of inventions. In the medical field, urgency and curiosity come together and have brought out many pieces of equipment and procedures which have given a boost to the entire health system. 

Cases such as smallpox have been totally eliminated as a result of vaccination. Growth hormone problems also have a solution courtesy of endocrinologists and other hormonal health specialists who have been able to isolate the human growth hormone (HGH). In case of growth issues, you can easily get HGH prescription for a normal growth process.

The oncology unit has also grown tremendously and there is some sustained level of control when it comes to cancer patients. The growth translates to many cancer survivors which is another badge of honor to the technological backing of the health sector.

Each and every day new, equipment gets conceptualized and the future seems like one timeframe we can hardly wait for in the health and medical sector.

The Internet Effect

As earlier indicated, the internet has its vast effects ass a force of technology on the health sector. The internet is a great research tool that helps in giving patients more information on their conditions. It also provides essential information on the care process to the patients. 

Communication between doctors and their patients has received a boost courtesy of the internet and one can receive medical information through mail among other services. The commercial aspect of the medical sector has also received ample backup from the internet. In this vein, a patient can look up the available services and also book an appointment, without physically visiting the healthcare center.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in the healthcare field is another blessing improving the delivery of services. With AI, records are well kept and come in handy in the maintenance of health data. AI also has a role when it comes to predictive analytics and is a good research companion, especially in epidemiology. It helps in predicting the impact of the spread of diseases and shows which part of the demographics that will be majorly affected. This is essential when it comes to developing cures deal with the disease in the subject.


The major adopters of technology are mostly the youth, the millennials. Due to their exposure to technology, they have fast taken to it and most of them diagnose themselves by looking up signs and symptoms from the internet which is not advisable. The older generation has also taken to technology after seeing how effective it is.


It is no secret that technology is very significant in our improved health conditions. As it is evolving constantly all we have to do is to wait and see what else is in store for us.

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