Harris Data Integrity Solutions Launches Rapid MPI Cleanup Tool for Fast, Accurate Eradication of Duplicate Patient Records

Harris Data Integrity Solutions has responded to growing demand for faster and more affordable duplicate record cleanup with the launch of its latest innovation, Intelligent MPI Triage Solution.

Leveraging the efficiency of AI-driven logic paired with 20 years of data integrity expertise, Intelligent MPI Triage delivers precise and swift duplicate resolution to lower duplicate rates by easing backlogs created by higher patient volumes and fewer health information management (HIM) resources.

“A perfect storm of razor-thin operating margins, double-digit labor cost increases, and widening staffing gaps have HIM leaders scrambling to find ways to maintain the integrity of their patient data. Our clients reached out for help, and we responded with Intelligent MPI Triage Solution,” says Lora Hefton, Executive Vice President of Harris Data Integrity Solutions. “With it, Harris Data Integrity Solutions can partner with HIM teams and leverage our unique AI-powered ‘assess, treat, and refer’ process to quickly reduce potential duplicate queues, protecting patient records for a fraction of the cost.”

Intelligent MPI Triage increases HIM teams’ effectiveness and productivity by rapidly resolving confirmed duplicates through an automated three-step process that typically takes just two or three weeks and costs 50%-80% less than a full MPI clean-up.

Once Harris Data Integrity Solutions receives the client facility’s potential duplicate data file via an encrypted FTP:

  1. AI-driven algorithms meticulously assess the data set.
  2. Confirmed matches that can be processed with confidence are treated and resolved.
  3. Remaining possible matches are referred to the client’s HIM team for manual review and resolution.

When appropriate, the Intelligent MPI Triage leverages third-party resources to verify and ensure a comprehensive validation process. A certified SOC 2 Type 2 vendor, Harris Data Integrity Solutions takes multiple steps to ensure HIPAA compliance and security of the client’s data files, including prudent use of AI that does not involve machine learning, which would allow the technology to make unguided decisions and interpretations. There is no co-mingling of data files which are shared and returned via encrypted FTP, and the Intelligent MPI Triage Solution never accesses the client’s system.

“Early adopters of Intelligent MPI Triage Solution have realized significant value, including one health system that saw its backlog of 2 million potential duplicate pairs reduced by 70% in under three weeks and at a fraction of the cost of a full MPI cleanup,” says Hefton. “Intelligent MPI Triage is the perfect low-cost solution for gaining control over burgeoning potential duplicate queues.”

For more information on Intelligent MPI Triage Solution, visit https://www.harrisdataintegritysolutions.com/intelligent-mpi-triage.

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