Glooko Enables Remote Patient Care At No Charge To Medical Clinics and People with Diabetes To Minimize Risk During Pandemic

Throughout this challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Glooko, a diabetes software company that enables people with diabetes and clinicians to manage care in real-time, is committed to helping ensure the health and well-being of people with diabetes, their caregivers, and their healthcare professionals. Glooko is therefore taking action to serve the global diabetes community by providing a no-charge remote-care solution that provides live patient-to-clinician connectivity.

Image result for glooko logoAs many efforts undertaken in our communities are aimed at reducing the chances of being exposed to and spreading COVID-19, individuals who have chronic conditions like diabetes and contract the virus appear to be at a higher risk for developing complications; as such limiting exposure is critical.

For certain appointments, healthcare professionals may determine that the patient and their care team would be best served by a remote review of the patient’s personal diabetes data and a corresponding telehealth consult, reserving in-office visits only for those appointments where a patient’s medical status truly requires in-person treatment.

To minimize the risk to people with diabetes during this time by broadening access to remote medical appointments with healthcare providers, Glooko is offering its secure, privacy-protected remote-care solution at no charge to medical clinics and people with diabetes as a public service until the greatest threat of the pandemic has subsided.

This public service is being made available to medical clinics and people with diabetes in countries where Glooko technology is already provided. Interested medical clinics and people with diabetes can learn more about how to access the Glooko remote-care solution at

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