Eight Advancements That Have Changed the Face of Healthcare In the Last 10 Years

By Freddie Tubbs, communication manager, Academized.

Freddie Tubbs
Freddie Tubbs

So much has changed in terms of healthcare over the last decade. Technology has advanced and improved processes – what used to take hours can now take seconds. This means a lot both to the medical community and patients alike.

It seems that almost every day, there is a new technological breakthrough.

Here we examine eight of the very best.

Online interaction

So called portal technology. Such a simple idea but so groundbreaking in its application, it simply means both doctors and their patients having access to their medical records and can interact with each other. It gives physicians the benefit of being able to see a patient’s full history while the patient can challenge and question any aspect they feel is incorrect. Acting as a safety net, it helps both sides spot any problems before they arise and gives patients more power over the information that is held about them.


Understanding genomes and sequencing has lead to impressive breakthroughs in the treatment of cancers. Patient testing has allowed specialists to tailor treatments entirely towards individual patients, making it much more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Theresa Kelly, a healthcare writer at Stateofwriting and UKwritings, said: “In my opinion this is probably the most relevant breakthrough in healthcare over the last decade. Being able to tailor treatments towards the exact needs of individuals is breathtaking”.

Fighting waiting times

Advancements in technology mean that hospitals and clinics needing to track down specialists, beds and even equipment can now use an electronic kind of tracking device. This made the waiting times much shorter which inherently relieved the stress off both the patients and the medical staff. Things happen quickly and everything is much easier to track.

Safer remotely

Gone are the days when older or vulnerable people have to wear a large buzzer around their neck in case of a fall. Nowadays, with the advancement of voice activated technology, these people have much easier time with all aspects of their lives. As a bonus, everything can be monitored remotely, and medical staff can react faster.

Messaging the smart way

With the advent of smart messaging services healthcare providers can receive the results of urgent test, the moment the are concluded and act upon them fast, especially if there is a need for a surgery or examination.

“Removing some of the anxiety that can build up while waiting for a result is almost as important as having the tests done. Healthcare professionals also get frustrated by long delays so with this advancement, everyone wins”, so says David Evans, a Tech Blogger at Boomessays.

Diabetes monitoring

Once a death sentence, diabetes has undergone a transformation and patients with both types are finding that living with the illness has become much easier.

Diabetics have found insulin pumps and much more accurate measuring technology means better control and less adversary reactions to too much or too little insulin.

This makes it easier for their Healthcare providers to track their illness and make informed choices about further treatment.

Monitoring from afar

And speaking of monitoring, the ability to keep track of heart monitors and other organ functions has changed the life of many patients facing repeated visits to hospitals and clinics.

As well as data being sent back to the monitoring physician, the doctor also has the ability to change how the monitor functions or the rate of any medicine being administered. This allows more free time for the doctors to handle emergencies and similar cases while still providing good healthcare for those who need frequent monitoring.

Rebecca Gibbs, a health blogger with Essayroo and Bigassignments, said: “Spending hours in a hospital waiting room hooked up to a monitor is fast becoming a thing of the past. This frees up space and reduces stress and anxiety for patients. It’s a win-win situation”.

Online records

With integrated medical recording systems comes integrated access and that means no important medical notes will be lost. While not 100% there yet, the drive towards a technologically advanced system is well under way.

One thing is for sure; advancements will continue to be made not just in medical technology but to the whole system making the future of healthcare a bright one.

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