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Good physical and mental health provides a foundation for a good quality of life. In particular, an “even keel” enables a person to weather life’s obstacles and move forward. Sometimes, however, men, women, and even children may need help for mental health challenges that cause concern and disruption.

Today, mental health services provider aptihealth offers all-acuity virtual therapy to all New York State residents. The company’s easy-access platform, combined with fast patient therapy integration, makes aptihealth an increasingly popular choice.

Better Mental Health Services Access is Needed

Throughout the United States, demand for mental health services continues to grow. Today, approximately 50 million United States adults cope with mental health challenges. 

Until recently, however, fewer than half of them received treatment. Even worse, nearly three-quarters of US residents think unequal services access is the norm. Almost half of Americans think their care options are limited. 

Perceived Barriers to Mental Health Care

Three perceived barriers to mental health care have fostered these beliefs. These perceptions exist across geographic and demographic categories.

Minimal Services Awareness 

Some individuals have expressed interest in mental health services but lack the knowledge to search for solutions. To find information, younger individuals are more likely to turn to low-credibility social media platforms.

Social Stigma About Services

Almost one-third of the US population has been worried about being judged for seeking mental health services.

Long Waits and Long Drives

Approximately 96 million Americans have had to wait several weeks (recent data suggests over 6 weeks) for mental health services. Almost half of US residents have driven, or know someone who has driven, over an hour roundtrip to receive services.

People in rural areas, and with lower incomes, are least likely to have easily accessible mental health services. These individuals are more likely to visit their primary care provider (who isn’t qualified to provide this type of care) for services.

How Telehealth Fits into the Picture

Many individuals are aware that telehealth technology can effectively deliver many medical services. More recently, and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health services providers have engaged with patients via telehealth.

According to the CDC, only 37% percent of adults have used telemedicine within the past 12 months. However, almost half of non-users are receptive to this service delivery model.

Why Mental Health Services Access Has Increased

In 2023, the mental health services delivery environment has changed for the better. Three key factors are behind this encouraging development.

Digital Technology Adoption

In the past decade, there has been a 30 percent increase in digital technology applications for mental health care. Together, these technologies enable patients to receive therapeutic care in a familiar setting.

Better Insurance Coverage

Historically, most health insurance plans limited or completely excluded mental health coverage. However, federal legislation now mandates that if an insurance plan covers mental health services, this coverage must match the coverage level for medical and surgical services. 

Insurers are retooling their plans to comply with these mandates. In addition, more companies are rolling mental health services coverage into employees’ benefit plans.

Reduction of Social Stigma  

There is a multi-pronged effort to revamp society’s attitudes about mental health conditions. This paradigm shift includes an acknowledgment that mental health issues are equally as legitimate as physical health concerns. 

aptihealth Innovates Digital Mental Health Services Delivery

Today, mental health services are becoming increasingly accessible and convenient. In fact, digital technology enables online therapist-patient conversations during which both parties work together to find solutions. While patients themselves often undergo the search for providers independently, referrals from primary care physicians and healthcare professionals are also an important piece of the puzzle.

aptihealth is a New York-based digital mental health services provider serving New York State residents. The company’s easy-to-use platform, simple signup process, and often same-day access to care attract patients and providers ready for a new mental health services delivery model. As mentioned above, on many occasions, aptihealth can successfully get new patients into care within 24 hours, a notable feat.

Seamless Signup Process

Patients are initially invited to complete the simple signup process, joining the aptihealth family. First, each patient takes an online assessment that helps aptihealth to learn more about their needs. Patients who need help with the assessment can contact an aptihealth associate by phone. The patient must turn in the assessment at least 24 hours prior to their first therapy session.

Next, the patient attends a video-based Diagnostic Intake Session with an aptihealth behavioral specialist. The patient will provide details about their health history plus the goals they hope to achieve through their care plan.

Choosing the Right Care Providers

Next, the care team will match the patient with a licensed therapist and (if needed) a medication prescriber. All interactive sessions will take place via video, and the therapist is also available via secure direct messaging.

The therapist may also recommend a care manager and/or peer support resources. Finally, the therapist will coordinate care with the patient’s primary care provider.

Therapy Session Logistics

Once the patient is matched with a therapist, they schedule their first therapy session. If the patient needs to reschedule, scheduling can be easily completed via the platform.

aptihealth offers convenient therapy sessions via its secure video platform. Patients can conduct the sessions on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. The aptihealth Android and iOs apps are another convenient option. aptihealth’s resources help patients track their progress and accomplish their goals.

While aptihealth is telehealth-focused, the company does have a clinic in Clifton Park, NY, allowing patients the opportunity to access providers in-person.  

How aptihealth Meets Care Providers’ Needs

aptihealth offers licensed therapists and other behavioral healthcare providers a seamless platform on which to engage with patients. Convenient digital access, along with superb company support, enables satisfying professional experiences.

Four Ways aptihealth’s Care Plans Benefit Patients

aptihealth’s professionally coordinated mental health services can provide patients with four significant benefits. Taken together, these advantages set the stage for patients’ personal growth and success.

Fosters Healing from Trauma or Stress

Patients with mental health challenges often feel very worried and powerless. These feelings can lead to physical and mental exhaustion. With a licensed therapist’s guidance, a patient can overcome each challenge.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Access

The patient’s licensed therapist may realize that therapy alone will not resolve the patient’s issue.

Therefore, a psychiatrist (the prescriber) steps in. After a video meeting with the patient, the psychiatrist prescribes medication(s) that may help the patient more easily cope with their mental health challenges.

Personal and Professional Growth

A patient’s mental health challenges can lead to inaccurate self-perception and poor self-esteem. This makes it increasingly difficult to achieve personal, professional and educational goals.

With an improved outlook through therapy, a patient can become a better communicator and rekindle their self-confidence. This opens the door to achievement of other goals.

Reduced Risk of Certain Chronic Diseases

Patients who receive professional mental health services decrease their risk of developing certain chronic diseases. These conditions are linked to anxiety, stress, and substance abuse.

Mental health services can help improve the life outlook for those feeling lost and hopeless. Effective therapy has even saved lives, helping patients to understand their value to the world around them.

aptihealth Patients Are Achieving Positive Outcomes

aptihealth’s individually designed care plans continue to help patients achieve positive results. Surveyed patients collectively offered their opinions on their aptihealth experiences.

Three aptihealth Patients Share Their Stories

Hearing other aptihealth patients’ success stories can help a patient understand that they’re not alone. Coordinated care and positive reinforcement can provide a path to a better quality of life.

Hailey’s Experience

Hailey is a young woman who is experiencing some mental health challenges. “Before aptihealth, I felt completely hopeless, like I didn’t have any direction…I just didn’t want to be here.

“Since using aptihealth for almost two years now..I felt like I’ve grown more in these past two years than in my whole life. I know it’s partly because of my providers and the care system. I 100 percent recommend aptihealth. It’s easy, it’s there, and the providers are amazing,” Hailey emphasized.

Hannah’s Experience

Hannah’s story began a couple of years ago. This young woman noticed she was feeling anxious and began to isolate herself. These classic symptoms of depression affected almost every aspect of her life.

Fortunately, Hannah’s primary care physician referred her to aptihealth. Compared to traditional mental health care models that could take weeks (or months) for a care assignment, Hannah was quickly matched with a therapist.

A Comprehensive Online Assessment is Key

Before her first therapy session, Hannah took a comprehensive online assessment. “I felt really reassured. They were asking me so many questions about so many facets of my life..I felt like they might really get to know who I am before they were helping treat me,” Hannah said.

“My treatment plan was very personalized. I had my physician on board. I had someone to help manage my medications. I had a psychologist to talk to. They were all on the same page, and it was how it should be.

“I felt like my old self again. It gave me hope. aptihealth helped me to see the beauty in the world again,” Hannah concluded.

David’s Experience

David is a middle-aged man who works with a YMCA program helping men in recovery. “I guess it’s a passion of mine because it’s something I’ve experienced myself.

“Before I was in the care of aptihealth, I was in rough shape. I was homeless, I had no regard for authority, I had little regard for my health. I lost relationships with my family, my friends. I did it on purpose, too. I got away from everybody on purpose, and I did some really bad things to people…mostly the way I spoke to them. I spoke to people so bad to make them not like me…the people I loved the most.

“I sought care because I couldn’t do it on my own anymore. The way I got involved with aptihealth is that I had gone into the crisis unit for a day or so at Ellis Mental Health. When I was discharged, the insurance company called me…I was actually crying over the phone when I was talking to this lady from the insurance company. She felt as though this would be a good fit for me to work with aptihealth.

Why David Kept Coming Back

“aptihealth, from the very beginning, treated me like I was a regular human being. That made me want to keep coming back. I wasn’t told what to do. I was simply enlightened on what I could do. That had a really big impact on me and why I kept coming back.

“It is important to stay on the path to wellness, to continue with care. Even though it took me six months, and I was still screwing up and making really bad decisions during the first six months of our relationship…They knew I was messing up, but they were still there.

“Honestly, sometimes we’re just not ready to make that change, and it’s unfortunate ? it’s unfortunate for myself. I put that off for a long time ? for many, many years.

“Since I’ve been with aptihealth, very naturally everything came back. All my friends came back, my family came back. Those broken-heart relationships that I just brutally destroyed…they’ve all been fixed…they’ve all been fixed.

“I had some big problems in my life. And because I had those big problems, I want to ensure that I stay on this correct path. Besides that, there’s a lot to learn still, because I look at my life differently now than I ever had. I’m pleasantly surprised at what life can be like,” David concluded.

aptihealth Has Changed the Playing Field

aptihealth has changed the mental health services care model for patients and providers alike. With fast access and convenient online therapy sessions and medication management (if needed), aptihealth sets the stage for positive outcomes across the board. 

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