A Pragmatic Approach to Helping Kids Eat Healthier

Many parents find themselves tasked with figuring out ways to get their kids to eat healthier. If you have picky eaters or have struggled to figure out what to make your kids, here are some tips below to help you get started:

Have Them Help You Come Up with Ideas

Your kids are a lot more likely to eat healthy foods if you have them help you come up with meals. Sit down every week to discuss healthier breakfast options you can make. If your kids are having difficulty trying to think of healthier options, do a bit of research on the internet with them.

Switch Up Their Breakfast Cereal

A lot of cereals are very unhealthy. While most grownups are able to make the switch to healthier cereal options, children love to have a bowl of sugary bits soaking in milk in the morning. Dad is motivated by his recent home cholesterol test results, but for junior, it’s all about the sweetness. This is why you need to switch up their cereal in a way that provides them more nutrition without missing out on the flavor and texture they’re used to eating. Options include Cheerios, Kix, and their generic equivalents. 

Sneak In Some Vegetables

If your kids don’t really like vegetables, there are a few ways that you can sneak them into their meals. Puree some cooked cauliflower or sweet potatoes, and add them into your pancake batter. Throw spinach in a smoothie. Make a breakfast quiche with squash added in. The key is to not sneak in too many vegetables at once, or it can alter the flavor of a dish so much that your kids might not eat it.

Get Creative

In order to get your kids to eat healthier, you may need to get creative. Make them a plate of fruit with the fruit in the shape of a heart. A bowl of oatmeal might look more inviting if it has a chocolate chip smiley face on it. If you make the food look more fun, your kids might be more willing to eat it. If your kids prefer a certain food every morning, you will have to figure out a way that you can change it up a bit in order to make it healthier. For example, if they prefer toast with peanut butter on it, use peanut butter that doesn’t contain any added sugar. By getting creative, you can make a healthy breakfast for your kids that they will actually eat.

Focus On Dishes With A Lot Of Protein

You should strive to give your kids dishes with a lot of protein rather than with a lot of carbohydrates. Turkey bacon and eggs are better than toast or waffles. Unfortunately, cooking these types of foods may require you to get up a little earlier in order to prepare them. However, it will be worth it in order to give your kids a healthier breakfast each morning.

It’s important that you strive to give your kids a nutritious breakfast. If you have picky eaters or are just out of ideas, utilize the tips mentioned above. You will find that you can easily get your kids to eat healthier in the mornings without it becoming a battle each time they sit down to eat breakfast.

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