Data Governance at Top of Healthcare IT To-Do Lists in 2016

Guest post by Susan Kanvik, healthcare senior director, Point B.

Susan Kanvik
Susan Kanvik

The goals of data governance have long been clear outside of the healthcare industry. Organizations want to enable better decision-making, reduce operational friction, protect the needs of data stakeholders, train management and staff to adopt common approaches to data issues, build standard, repeatable processes, reduce costs and increase effectiveness through coordination of efforts and ensure transparency of processes.

That’s a tall order. And one that’s coming to healthcare this year for several reasons:

Finally, it’s becoming clearer as data governance matures within the industry that healthcare organizations need to treat data as an asset. Data is a powerful tool for gaining actionable insights. Healthcare organizations are getting this figured out, using for setting clinical, operational and financial strategies. But like any other asset, data needs to be governed to provide its true value to the organization.

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