Why The Healthcare Sector Is Soon To Be The Biggest Global Employer

The healthcare sector has seen some of the biggest changes over the last 24 months in its entire history. Some of these changes have meant that there is a phenomenal number of career opportunities in the sector at the moment. As the global market for healthcare is expected to reach a total of $12 billion by 2022, it is one of the few sectors that is expected to see this growth continue into the long term with certainty. This article will help you understand why and where these opportunities will be.

People are generally living longer

People are now expected to live longer than ever before, and as such, the healthcare sector will need to cater for the increased number of carers and health care practitioners that will be needed for this increase in demand.

There is thus huge demand for primary carers, live-in carers for the elderly, and an entire range of nursing and outreach staff to deal with this aging population.

The management and planning around healthcare have now become more complicated than ever before. Further education is proving a major advantage for those with postgraduate management skills specific to healthcare, such as the Excelsior Masters in Healthcare Administration.

Technology has changed vastly

The technology associated with healthcare and health management has improved tremendously, and as such, there is now technology available for remote monitoring and testing as well as medicating and advice.

This technological revolution in healthcare has thus heightened the need for IT technicians, data analysts and cloud computing experts with a health focus.

Data and information

The healthcare system has the largest repository of big data, demographic and medical data than any other industry. It is this access to big data that is providing bespoke solutions for patients as well as providing sufficient generic data to solve long-term health issues.

The jobs being created linked to big data in healthcare and numerous and varied and are expected to change the way healthcare is provided, while also improving overall medical practice and pharmaceuticals. One of the biggest developments of our time is likely to be in this area, as artificial intelligence, in combination with big data, is now able to do a large number of diagnostic tasks that would have taken much longer in the past.

These developments in healthcare are proving to be generators of jobs, and the sector will definitely become the largest employer in the next few years, providing a wealth of job opportunities as has never been seen before. The range is wide and varied, from technology experts, IT infrastructure technicians, robotics, and the entire range of healthcare included as well.

Although it was expected that as technology improved, the human aspect of healthcare would be sidelined, the truth of the matter is that the human element is still essential to manage, implement and design the relevant solutions as well as for providing the most important aspect of health and wellbeing, the human touch.

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