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Three Essentials for Selecting Your Next EHR, According to KLAS?

KLAS EnterprisesAccording to a new KLAS blog post, there are three essentials for selecting your next EHR. The post is pithy at best, and designed for the company to gain more physician leads, but I thought I’d feature some of the information here.


Perhaps it’s for no other reason than to be snarky. Readers of this site know that I am suspicious, at best, of KLAS, its reports and its centralist, self-centered approach. Fact is, the numbers of respondents of KLAS’ surveys just don’t add up for the claims that they make.

I know this because I’ve worked with an EHR vendor that often was the subject of the “research firm’s” multiple sales attempts.

As part of my role with the company, I worked with a legitimate research department and based on their reviews of the KLAS data, there’s simply no way the data presented by KLAS – for the price of a king’s ransom to vendors – is legit. For example, 48 physician responses (or 52 or 46 or two dozen) to its surveys does not accurately reflect the thoughts of several hundred thousand physicians across the market.

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