How to Create A Winning Cloud Strategy

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Cloud development is a pretty complex industry that requires a lot of expertise and know-how.  Also, it is helpful to know which tools are effective and how you can use them to reach your end-goal. Especially after you have a cloud development platform, you can build some excellent apps and solutions to whatever you have in mind.  Below I have pointed out some of the best tips for developing a winning cloud development strategy to set yourself up for success.

The Cloud is Not a Storage Unit, It’s Strategy

People who do not have a good understanding of the cloud or have not taken the time to learn usually think that a cloud is just a storage unit for emails and data. That actually could not be farther from the truth for people who understand all of the capabilities. The cloud can be used for scaling your business to the moon and gaining a considerable competitive advantage over the competition in your industry. 

Plan, Then Execute

Another important step to the process of using the cloud to your advantage is weighing out how you plan to use the cloud to help your business. After that, you have to consider your IT team and the power that they have. Are they well equipped to scale in the ways that you want to?  If not, then you need to act on new ways so that you can find the correct IT people for your job. Nothing is going to be done if you do not have the right people in place to get your job done. 


After you have pointed out everything that needs to be worked on, you should decide which options are more urgent than others.  A clear plan of attack and order is much more effective than just winging it and putting out a little bit of this fire and a little bit of that. Rank what needs to happen first and go all-in on building that solution with the cloud.

Decisions with the Cloud

One of the last major steps is that you have to make decisions like what type of cloud you are going to be pursuing. There are different little complex services that you can choose from in the cloud, such as Information or Software as a Service, and if you are not sure then it may be a good idea to consult with a professional.  There is no sense in making decisions that you are not totally for sure about.

Developing cloud solutions is going to be something that will have huge benefits if you plan correctly for your business and put the correct people in the correct spots to take on building a cloud platform or application.

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