Calmerry Review: The Right Choice For You?

COVID-19 has hit almost every one of us so hard. Considering the chaos it brought, each of us going through a rough patch. Whether it is the financial crisis, social distancing, fear of losing loved ones or tackling the after-effects of job termination; mental stress and anxiety have been part of our lives. And the irony is we cannot even reach out for help due to the imposition of strict lockdown.

The only thing which seems accessible and affordable is the online therapy sessions being offered by different platforms. But not every platform that seems to be appealing is perfect to offer reliable mental health solutions to its users with the help of industry expert psychologists. This is the reason why we are discussing Calmerry here today; to help you understand the platform and the benefits that you can reap from this incredible platform and its certified mental health experts.

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What is Calmerry?

Calmerry gives offers a chance to individuals by providing psychological help to enhance their quality of mental health. It is a group of experienced professionals specialized in various fields of the industry. If you are experiencing psychological issues, mental stress. having difficulty in private life or maintaining relationships; Calmerry is the platform that has individuals expert related to different fields to help you seek the right professional help needed, to help you address all of your problems and allow you to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Calmerry is a professional platform that emphasis on the psychological well-being of people by providing support and guidance on how to make the most of their life by introducing various therapies. Calmerry is among the best therapy services provided online. It is the best solution provider for those who are battling a mental or emotional challenge. Due to Calmerry, you get to seek assistance in depression management, help to cope with mood swings, improves personal self-esteem; and any kind of trauma, abuse, or grief.

How does Calmerry work?

On Calmerry you can visit to seek help for any psychological issue or mental health and get the exact e-therapy you need from expert professionals.  Calmerry has a simple and user-friendly interface. You need to start by creating an account on the platform by entering your basic information and contact details; you are allowed to keep your identification anonymous by and maintaining your confidentiality and using a nickname. It simply takes a few minutes to create your account.

Later you are asked to fill a questionnaire that is regarding your issue and the reason you are at the platform. You are advised to fill the questionnaire as accurately as possible; the concept of this form is to get to know you better and help you get the right aid and the best therapist to in solving your issues. You will be asked for your financial budget as well; this way the platform gets to shortlist the experts available in your spending limit. After submitting the form, it will take 24 hours to assign you the appropriate professional. Once you are assigned with the expert, you can now share the contact information with your counselor and select the mode of communication whether video calling or text sessions.

How Calmerry offer treatment to its patients?

Calmerry provides both live video treatments as well as text sessions. With text therapy, you get a chance to send out emails to your assigned therapist anytime as per your convenience and get a guaranteed yet detailed reply from your counselor. The text sessions, on the other hand, allow you to send or receive limitless messages so that you can comfortably communicate everything you feel to your mental health professional without needing to hold back your emotions or feelings. In order to ensure optimal privacy, all chat sessions are carried out in properly secure therapy or treatment rooms.

Through live video treatments, you can communicate with your therapist in the form of a video clip. This is quite helpful in making the patient feel like in-person counseling so that it creates more trust and makes it work more effectively.  Live video sessions are also quite helpful in saving additional time to travel comparatively to in-person meetings and allowing you to get your therapy done from the comfort of your home.

Are the therapists at Calmerry professional experts?

Calmerry is a platform that has responsible and professional therapists that are responsive and professional extremely. If you are looking for a network that can offer you accurate solutions to your problems affordably and conveniently then Calmerry is the best possible option for you.

At Calmerry, you get treatment from qualified mental health professionals who are industry experts and licensed counselors from the USA. This web-based mental health platform has employed each expert after a thorough scrutiny and each expert is assigned to any individual on the basis of their knowledge, expertise and carries a license.

All the therapists are expert and licensed clinical psychologists, social workers, professional marriage and family counselors and therapists verified and checked for their licensing qualifications and certification by the state’s professional board.

Every mental health specialist available at Calmerry has more than 2500 hours of clinical experience professional.  The therapists are thoroughly verified and passed by the background checks before being appointed by the platform.

What Kind of Different Help Provided on the Calmerry Platform?

Therapists at Calmerry are expert in different modalities of treatment and are actually able to deal with various mental health issues; through cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, mindfulness dialectical behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, and narrative treatment.

Let’s have a look at this short list of problems handled by therapists at Calmerry so that you may able to get a better idea of how the platform is stated to be useful for concerns relating to:

What are the subscription or pricing plans?

Calmerry is actually a subscription-based platform; starting with an introductory 1-week program and later 2 months of individual therapy sessions. It offers probably the most inexpensive and cost-effective subscription plans that suit all. There are different pricing plans readily available on Calmerry.

Therapy Journey Start: It offers consultancy through unlimited messaging with an expert therapist for one week at an affordable fee of $59.95/week.

Email Therapy: You get to receive treatment from a qualified therapist for one month that includes an unlimited messaging option available 24/7 messaging with guaranteed regular replies. The fee for this kind of therapy is $52.99/week; that is billed weekly.

Email + Video Therapy: It includes unlimited messaging 24/7 with responsible replies, treatment with an experienced therapist for a month in addition to four 4 video sessions each duration of 30 minutes fresh sessions. The fess for this therapy session is $89.99/week

People who newly join Calmerry are recommended to check out the platform with the Therapy Journey Start sessions and later modify their plans according to their budget and needs.

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Is Therapy at Calmerry Safe and Confidential?

Calmerry is strictly compliant with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation); to ensure all interactions taking place on the site and through the mobile app is totally encrypted and secured. In order to make sure more safety, you get a chance to keep your anonymity while registering so that you can attend your sessions through a nickname instead of your legal name.

What are the advantages of Calmerry therapy?

·        Accessibility

Calmerry platform is easy to use and anyone with no or little knowledge of the digital mediums can communicate with their therapist. Calmerry is compatible with different devices such as mobile phones (android/ apple), tablets, laptop, or PC. You can choose to communicate using any medium that suits you including; email, video sessions, and chat sessions.

The website also features an intuitive design that makes the navigation of useful information quite easy. All the information regarding the signup process, billing, pricing plans, therapy sessions, and its kinds all are available right on the homepage.

·        Free Switching of Therapist/ Counselor

With Calmerry, you are given the option to change your therapist anytime you feel that it is not working. The platform provides you with the option to change your counselor or therapist without being charged for any additional charges.

·        Different Modes of Communication

Not all online therapy platforms offer various mediums of communication to their users. AT Calmerry you get an opportunity to choose the mode of communication that suits you. You can either communicate with your therapist via email or choose to meet over live sessions to have more personalized sessions. You can opt to communicate over chat or text sessions if you find texting more convenient as compared to video sessions or calls.

·        Affordability

Online therapy sessions at Calmerry are comparatively are affordable compared to regular one-on-one therapy sessions or meetings with psychologists. Different online therapy platforms offer different packages to their customers; Calmerry has the most reasonable and cost-effective plans that can be opted for by anyone along with the opportunity to change the price plan whenever they feel or want it to.

·        Convenient Scheduling

Scheduling your therapy sessions at Calmerry is quite simple and easy. Individuals can choose the time of their therapy sessions that seems favorable or convenient to them. The flexibility further enables you to connect with the therapists from the office, on travel, or from the comfort of your house. You are not even bound to be present in the same country or region to attend the session; as you can connect remotely from anywhere.

·        Joining the Dots

It is a unique approach introduced by the Calmerry platform that focuses to help clients seeking help through creating valuable connections and strong networks with therapists across the social and digital mental health community. It helps individuals to get incredible experiences by learning from the experience of others and gets the assistance of the most seeking after therapists.

·        Privacy and Secrecy

Calmerry makes sure to maintain the privacy of its clients and never compromises on confidentiality. There are no public sessions or chat rooms allowed or conducted by the therapists. All the sessions are completely discreet and only comprise of the client and therapist’s participation only. All the information you provide upon registering and in communication with your therapists during the therapy sessions remains confidential. The clients are also offered to use nicknames other than their original names to protect their privacy.

·        Calmerry’s Customer Support Service

Calmerry’s customer support is available to serve its clients at any time and can be contacted 24/7. The customer support team is accessible through email, live chat option on the website, or through the toll-free number. The customer support team helps in finding the right therapists that match their issues, sharing information regarding pricing plans,  changing therapists, cancelation or changing of the plan, or in case of any other concerns or queries.

Final Verdict

To find affordable and easily accessible mental health support from industry expert psychologists is a bit crucial. However, Calmerry has made this process quite simple by providing a user-friendly and affordable platform. By introducing different pricing plans Calmerry has made the mental health solution in the reach of almost anyone.

The platform consist of certified experts and psychologists specialized in various industry-specific fields; covering all the aspects of mental or psychological health. It is the best platform for people who are reluctant to compromise their identification and wants to maintain secrecy. Calmerry aids those individuals in maintaining their privacy; users are also allowed to hide their names and personal details from the therapists if they want to upon registering themselves on the platform.

If in any case, you feel stuck and not getting a clue of any procedure you can contact the customer support team; they are accessible 24/7. With this incredible mental health support platform, you are provided to choose the mode of communication that suits you. It also offers to its client to schedule their therapy sessions as per their availability. Calmerry has also introduced an option to its users through which they can change their therapists anytime; if they feel the therapy doesn’t seem to be effective with paying any additional cost for it.

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