Alternative Therapies Are On the Rise

Sport, Physical Injury, Physical TherapyIt’s no secret that there’s a healthcare crisis in the United States. Many people have high insurance deductibles that leave them strapped for cash in the event of a serious illness. While others, such as a growing percentage of freelancers, simply have no health insurance at all, due to the high cost of obtaining health insurance on their own. For these reasons, people are turning to alternative therapies as a way of treating chronic illnesses, pain, and mental disorders.

Alternative Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

Some people have a much higher threshold when it comes to handling chronic pain. They take a few aspirins or some ibuprofen to reduce it and then deal with it. While, others, have a much lower tolerance and need prescribed medications to help comfort them. However, the side effects can sometimes bring on additional health concerns. The good news is that there are other treatment options available. Taking natural supplements, yoga, and massage therapy are just a few options that show positive results overall.

Stress/Anxiety Disorders

Approximately 18% of the population of the United States has an anxiety disorder. Everyone will experience anxiety from time to time. However, when it dominates your life and you start to worry about everything, it’s a problem. Exercise helps to relieve stress and anxiousness in severe cases, allowing patients to function and return to a normal life.

Natural supplements and oils such as copaiba and CBD have a calming effect on the body. There are differences in copaiba vs CBD. For one, copaiba is an essential oil, a secretion obtained from tree bark. Whereas CBD, on the other hand, is a chemical compound obtained from a cannabis plant. Both can help alleviate stress and anxiety, although more research developed shows CBD at this point in time, more effective.

Mental Disorders

Nearly 47 million Americans live each day coping with some form of mental illness. And, while there are numerous advancements in the pharmaceutical industry, many people are turning away from prescription drug use to avoid the side effects which, in many cases, are far worse.

For those living with severe depression, the ancient practice of acupuncture is a popular alternative treatment. The needles used in body specific areas help to redirect its natural energy flow to improve the state of mind. Hypnosis and magnesium supplements are other alternative therapies that can benefit people living with depression. For those with Bipolar disorder, Ayurveda or reflexology can help to unite the body as one and reduce the extreme highs and lows often associated with the mental illness.

Arthritis/Joint Pain and Stiffness

If you have or know anyone who lives with aggravated joint pain or arthritis, their quality of life is less than desirable. Arthritis can literally cause a crippling effect wherein the person has trouble moving and performing simple tasks on their own. Thankfully, there are a few tried and trusted natural remedies that can help restore a normal existence and improve a person’s quality of life.

Acupuncture can help with a number of chronic illnesses and diseases. The thin needles inserted into various parts of the body help to improve the body’s blood flow while also stimulating the nerves, muscles and the connected tissue. Additionally, when done correctly, it helps to alleviate pain by activating your body’s built-in painkillers.

A large percentage of the population in the U.S. lives with some form of disability that prohibits them from sustaining a good quality of life. If you are looking for an alternative to expensive prescription drugs that often carry the risk of severe side effects, alternative therapies may provide a step toward achieving improved health and well-being

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